Saturday, September 24, 2016

Two Pumpkins: haibun for the ages

Two Pumpkins: haibun for the ages
©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

The pumpkins are already sitting on my porch. "Aren't you getting those a little early this year?" ask my husband, son, daughter. I answer in the negative, later realizing they are right. Circumstances have made of me a paradox this season: an aging person in a hurry for change. It's as if the wind that blows every falling leaf to its final resting place could propel and remove all the unwelcome detritus of my life, as if the browning of summer and spectacular burst of fall color might put an end to this summer of distress, replacing it with orange hues and scarlet splendor. I long for brisker days; cool, crisp air, the scents of wood and spice. And yes, two pumpkins on my porch. In September.

The silent tree waits.
Tired branches loose their burdens.
Swirling leaves flutter.

Assignment: Write a haibun with one paragraph about change, 
followed by a haiku.
(A haibun is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, 
combining prose and haiku.)

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Anonymous said...

Paradox--how, as we age we want things to both change and be the same. Nicely done.

brudberg said...

I do like the sentiment here so much, the simple statements of Pumpkins in September becoming something grander... bigger...

Friko said...

I too like the idea of cool crisp days, but there is always a bitter-sweet feeling when summer waves good-bye.

Re your previous post: From here it looks like Trump has only a very tenuous grasp of truth, bit like our Brexit Leavers.

kaykuala said...

browning of summer and spectacular burst of fall
color might put an end to this summer of distress
replacing it with orange hues and scarlet splendor

Beautiful lines Sue! The change seems to blend together at a time, giving time to savor both as though they are one. Perhaps a perfect respite from the impending harsh cold.


Truedessa said...

I think you are ready for fall no matter what the calendar may say. Enjoy your lovely pumpkins. I am sad that summer has ended. Fall is so brief and snow can arrive early. The trees will look lovely in a couple of weeks though.

Leovi - La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta said...

Very very very beautiful!!

Karen Sue said...

I have 3 & 1 is white. Stepping out of my usual.

LeAnn said...

Beautiful thoughts as always. I really love the changing of seasons and your words are so reflective of my feelings as the one season merges into another. I always enjoy the cooler evenings of fall and hope to take a short ride up one of the canyons as the colors change.
Sending loving thoughts your way and hugs too~

Grandma Honey said...

I can so relate. I did the very same thing. And not only that, Thanksgiving decor is up too. I figure time goes so quickly that I want to put things out early so we can enjoy them longer.

colleen said...

They flutter in colors of butter!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is wonderful. I was very ready for fall and winter this year too! I smile every time I pass a pumpkin patch and see the cheerful pumpkins in their rows.

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