Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflections of Saint Malo

Reflections of St. Malo
©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

Come hearken back to days of yore.
Visit Saint Malo's rocky shore.
Down sunny California way,
it's sure to steal your heart away.

Designed to look like Normandy,
a fishing village by the sea,
this paradise of peace and plenty
laid its roots in 1920.

Cottages with charm to spare,
courtyards kissed with salty air,
private beaches, shells to comb,
dolphins diving through the foam.

Generations grew up here,
reuniting every year,
handing down a legacy:
life and love and family.

Few have left here; few have sold,
honoring those bonds of old.
Community is hard to find;
St. Malo is the lasting kind.

A privilege, here, to set my sails,
to walk these sands and brick-laid trails,
replete with sacred memory,
a gift of hope and reverie.

Assignment: A take-me-along travel or vacation poem

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brudberg said...

Oh I have been to Normandy... both similar and very different, it looks truly charming. said...

Have not heard of this special place. Thanks so much for sharing --- as someone said in another post reply -- better than a brochure! You've really allowed me to get the sense of this town -- its history, its calm and pride. Just lovely photos alternating with the stanzas. A wonderful post for the prompt! said...

Lovely images - words and photos combined!

Brian said...

Thank you for showing me this special place. I had not heard of it before.

Gail said...

I can feel family and tears in this poem...beautiful.

LeAnn said...

Thank you Sue for letting me know about this post! I don't know how I missed it.
This looks like such a lovely place to visit and your poem made it even more inviting. I just thought it was so beautiful and now I do want to go there. I love that you go there every year with such treasured friends! Hugs~

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