Sunday, November 22, 2009

Revenge Sweet When United Takes Heat

Okay, the video posted below for your viewing pleasure is not only extremely clever but highly entertaining. (Grannysue is still chuckling.) Being a veteran of the airline wars myself, I confess to finding it more than a little gratifying, as well.

Only one prerequisite before you check this thing out: Ya gotta read the (100% true) back story. It seems that a singer-songwriter's favorite, custom-made Taylor guitar (worth $3,500) was broken by careless baggage handlers at United Airlines. Not surprisingly, the singer (Dave Carroll) went through all kinds of contortions trying to get the company to reimburse him. When United still hadn't made good on the guitar a year after the fact, he told the Customer Relations manager that he intended to write a song about the experience, create a music video, and post it on youtube. The manager answered, "Good luck with that one, pal."

Here's the corker: 6.1 million youtube hits later, United suddenly wants to make good on the guitar in exchange for Dave Carroll's agreement to pull the video. Can you guess Dave's response? He said...

"Good luck with that one, pal."

hehehahayukyukhiccupsnort (Yep, Grannysue is still amused.)


Carolyn said...

I love it when people stick up for themselves!

Great video.

Katie Blacker said...

that's a rad video.

and of course I will send you a christmas card - you are and have always been on my list! And, of course I have your address. I only spent 80% of my high school years there ;)

unless you have which case - you should definitely give it to me!

Karen Sue said...

oh, I like this. I need to learn to post video on my is such a nice song...

Karen said...

Funny, funny - Love it when the little guy in the right gets one up on the big corpration!!

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