Friday, November 13, 2009

Bryce's 2nd Birthday Bonanza


You bring your grandma so much joy.

There really are no words to say

How glad I am you rolled our way.

You didn't have an easy start.

Those first few days, you stole my heart;

And you have not returned it still,

As I'm quite sure you never will.

(Not that I'd take it if you tried...

My heart to yours is firmly tied.)

There's something in your big, blue eyes

That has the power to hypnotize.

The wonder that you bring to living

Fills my soul with deep thanksgiving.

Your sparkling personality

Is brighter than the eye can see

And quirkier than tongue can tell.

Your spirit makes my spirit swell

With gratitude for little things

Like seashells, feathers,

bugs, and swings.

In fact, you really rock my world.

In you, life's colors are unfurled.

There's nothing you're afraid to try.

You're such a plucky little guy,

And thoughtful, too, and so in touch

With beauty, nature, goats (!) and such

That I could watch you all day long.

From dawn to dusk, you do no wrong.

And I'm not prejudiced at all. (?!)

In summer, winter, spring or fall...

Right from your head

Down to Your Toes...

You come up smelling like a rose!

Except, of course, for when you don't.

(But I won't tell Mom if you won't...)

Just promise that you'll always keep

Those smiles and frowns that go heart-deep,

And don't forget you're loved a ton

By Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.


Snarky Belle said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce!
Ohhhh, he is so adorable. Those pictures are too cute!!
Enjoy your time with the kiddos.
I know you will. :)

jen said...

I didn't know he had a NICU start to life. I recognize the IV in the head (scary the first time you see it). Glad he's a strong two-year-old dude now!

Darlene said...

Honestly Sue, You are the best when it comes to birthday tributes. Of course you have to have the pictures to make it such a great pictorial adventure. It's a good thing you had a lot of those neat pics to choose from.

He is the cutest little kid and I am so happy that we are going to get to see him (and the rest of the gang) this afternoon.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, he just makes e smile! What a darling handsome little boy!

Em said...

love it when he's on the skateboard, so rockin;-)

Karen said...

Seriously cute! How can you resist such a perfect grandchild?

Love it!

blaine said...

Happy Birthday, Bryce.

VK said...

What a darling child. And tribute too.

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