Monday, November 16, 2009

Going Gently into that Good Night...

Well, I'm back. I'm tired. They're moved in. I missed Stake Conference. And I've managed an estimated weight gain of five pounds. (Estimated because I don't have the heart to get on the scale.) I am way too gentle with myself to do such a thing. People need to be gentle with themselves, ya know? Michael McLean says so. (Click Gentle under Featured Songs.)

I was greeted at the door last night by a home that was 56 degrees cold. (Why, I don't know.) Admittedly, I had turned the heat down before closing up the castle, but I could have sworn I just punched it a few times to avoid unnecessary expense. Little did I guess that, five days after the fact, my return home would mimic a trip to the frozen arctic and include a rather disconcerting carpet-as-tundra experience. (Honest. The fibers sort of crunched beneath my feet.) Naturally, I punched the thermostat back up to more of a Mediterranean summer and raided the freezer for ice cream as a last hurrah.

Today, that last hurrah has been shut down, due to impending obesity. (Wait. Hold the "hurrah shutdown" till tomorrow. I'm having the entire Singles Ward over for dinner tonight, and I ain't about to miss out on a couple o' Hawaiian Luau slices from City Pizza.) After all, I deserve it, right? Right?? Right??!



PS. And maybe a brownie or two for dessert, too.

PPS. I promise to go back on the wagon Tuesday.


jen said...

I'll get on that wagon with you.

I'm sure your kids were so grateful to have your help this week. Hopefully now they won't move again for a LONG TIME. Nothing cures your itching to move like actually moving.

Thanks. I'm happy where I am.

Karen Sue said...

Don't worry...the wagon's always waiting..Tuesday, Wednesday..whenever... just jump back on or grab onto the back and drag along for awhile.

karen said...

You go, girl. I'm right behind you.

Anonymous said...

Don't even GO there about our weight. The older I get, the more I look like a hammerhead shark...very big right past the neck :). Rus says I'm just 'fluffy.'

Darlene said...

How can you even think about dieting of any sort when Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Of course I guess that it wouldn't hurt at all to lose a pound or two in the next ten days just to be able to put it back on during Thanksgiving Day. I admit I gained a couple too so you are in a great crowd of gainers. I say wait until January 2. That's when we are going to hit it.

I can understand your being cold when you got home. Hurrah!! I'm glad you know what it feels like to be cold in your house. Ha! If it weren't for the heater we bring when we go to your house to put in the guest room, I wouldn't know how to handle it. When I get feeling too icey, I can go in the bedroom and thaw out. What is it about every one of my kids that causes them to have to keep their houses so cold? They are all so warm hearted. It doesn't compute.

As for moving, I'm really happy that exercise is behind US forever. I plan to stay here until I die. I do hope that the kids will be happy in their new home and I feel sure they will be. I'm really anxious to see their new place, but think I will wait until they get good and settled before we go there. That will take a lot of time and energy and I don't think they would be too eager to have company.

This is getting too long. Sorry

Lisa said...

yep, I'm back on the wagon too! low carb/good carb stuff. No more pumpkin cooking for me! (sad face)But it was fun while it lasted right? Glad you were there to help them move, now back to your busy busy life!

Em said...

from the months of oct to the END of dec, dieting is OFF LIMITS;-) we had this discussion last year, remember!? you know i would have loved that icy cold 56 in your house. i hope you stopped to think of how much i would have enjoyed it, lol. i'm SURE you did.

KC Mom said...

It's so hard to watch what you are eating when you entertain. Especially this time of year when there seems to be a party every other day.
Be good to yourself...

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