Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet Brett Dennen...Dylanesque and Then Some

Son #2 and I will be seeing Brett Dennen, a favorite of ours, at the Fillmore in San Francisco on March 21st. (We've even talked the bishop into going with us!) This young singer-songwriter is about as talented as they come, and in case you haven't gotten a chance to hear him yet, I've imported a video so you can watch and listen. Be sure to scroll down and pause my playlist music first.

I think you'll agree the guy has both a social conscience and a distinctive voice with which to express it. His lyrics are smart, creative, and compelling. It's been years since I've heard anyone like him, including Bob Dylan, the social commentator of my time. For me, Dennen's more versatile in that he can do "serious" (Ain't No Reason, video below, There Is So Much More, Darlin' Do Not Fear) OR "sunny" (Just like the Moon, Oh the Glorious, Blessed, She's Mine) equally well. Another strength is that he can be autobiographical without getting maudlin (When You Feel It, You Know). I can't wait to see him again, especially at this more intimate venue. (I've been to a concert of his before but he wasn't the headliner, and it was in a stadium.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Brett Dennen, because I surely do. I also hope, probably in vain, that you don't mind my not-so-simply but oh-so-saccharinely saying that his song stylings successfully and simultaneously soothe, speak to, and significantly satisfy the sublimely sensitive, ceaselessly seeking soul. Mine, anyway.

(As is my custom, I belatedly beg your forgiveness for that overload of unabashed and undeniably unnecessary alliteration. Complaints may be lodged with Natalie, who has encouraged it more than once and is the most vocal of a handful of other readers tolerant and/or indiscriminating enough to be amused by it.) =)

You can find tons of Brett's stuff on iTunes...or check out YouTube, if you want to hear more than just a sample. And check out his "upbeat" [sometimes reggae-tinged] songs, too. Either way, you can hardly go wrong with the deft, fresh and yet somehow familiar work of young Mr. Dennen.


Natalie said...

Powerful. His lyrics are fantastic, and so is his style. Thank you so much for sharing this, I had not heard of him before, but will definitely check out iTunes.

I was reading the alliteration and thought, ohhhh I love it...then came your disclaimer paragraph. It made me laugh! Thanks!

Heather Anderson said...

Is this Brett or Brooke Dennen? It's true his lyrics are fantastic, but his hair's hue is horribly hideous. Not to mention his long luxurious locks, laughably ludicrous. I wish I had never seen that video.


Sue said...

It seems the articulate, alliteration-adulating apple doesn't fall far from the majestic, metaphorically magnificent, "mother of Matt" tree. (Though it may, perhaps, shine with a little less lustre.)

As for the video, I only wish you had shown the good sense to cover your eyes and avoid the trauma. Hair shock can leave very real scars. (I speak from personal experience here. I used to have a close family member with dread locks.)

Sue said...

And yes, Matt, your post did crack me up!

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