Monday, March 16, 2009

HIS CHILDREN: A Big, Beautiful Book Giveaway

Today marks my 148th post, which means, taking into consideration my current level of blogomania, that I should hit 150 before the end of the week. In fact, I will probably write the 150th post on Wednesday, but I will be giving you until Friday night at 11:59 PM Pacific time to respond before the contest closes.

The prize is a brand new copy of His Children, a beautiful, award-winning art book that I collaborated on with photographer Anita Schiller. Anita is a gifted artist who served as the still photographer for The Other Side of Heaven, produced by Gerald Molen (of Schindler's List fame) and based upon John Groberg's account of his (Tongan) mission, entitled In the Eye of the Storm. In other words, her photos are exquisite, and the ones in His Children are particularly compelling.

Which is why I agreed, when Anita approached me, to write a poem for every photograph that would be included in the book. This turned out to be a rather more difficult assignment than I had anticipated. Never having written a poem to fit certain parameters before, even those established by an intriguing image, I found the process somewhat constraining. Happily, this initial discomfort soon gave way to pure enjoyment as I responded to Anita's photographic glimpses of the human spirit in all its myriad shades and textures. Eventually, a book emerged, and I hope all of you winners will enjoy it.

Yes, I did say winners, because there will be ten of you! That's right...TEN. And all you have to do to win is tell me which of my soon-to-be-150 posts is your favorite.

The first ten people to respond will get a book in the mail, and I will send these books out on Monday, a week from today. I will even autograph them, how's that for a deal? LOL.

Feel free to comment on this post, the 149th post, or the 150th post...but remember, only the first ten of you will receive a book. So, hurry!

And happy 150th post-day!

NOTE: We've got ten winners. Congratulations to all of you! I'll send the books on Monday. Be sure to use my email (in my profile) to send me your mailing addresses. =)


Joyful Noise said...

My favorite post that I have read so far is your birthday post for your daughter. Feb 27 - "Birthday Blessings...and Boastings"

It brought back many memories of surviving motherhood and also showed your great love for your daughter. I also have a great love for my only daughter - just can't write quite as well as you...

Debbie Nowland
RMM Rocklin, CA

PS. I guess being obsessed with reading these blogs has finally paid off!

Becky said...

My mom introduced me to your site recently and my favorite post so far is the one about your daughter-in-law and how she discovered a breakthrough in child psychology while being a SAHM.

Rebecca Johnson

Karen said...

I linked to you site from my friend Jenny - I have a hard time picking a fav...Love the lemon tree, and how you describe your Daughter in law and her schooling (snicker).

Hard to pin it down.


Lisa Loo said...

I love the Magic Tree post just cuz I think it is the coolest thing ever that you thought of doing this! But I have used the grape juice for the stomach flu post many times with great success. I am excited to see this book!

VK said...

I do enjoy reading your posts and getting a flavor of your joyful, similar life. I have just been reading you this past month and so I'm sure there are many great stories that I have not explored.
I especially liked reading about your dear Grandmother and the unique differences in the lives of generations as they have morphed this past century.

I'm also excited to see this book. I have loved Anita's work as well as yours now.

Thanks for sharing.

Vicki Hodgman

Snarky Belle said...

First of all, this is beyond exciting to me! The first time I visited your poetry site, I saw the book. I wanted it then, and still do!! Ok, now I am off to peruse your posts, ponder, and pick my favorite. Hey, does that count as alliteration? If so then I say, thank you oh master of alliteration. Learn from you, I do.

Snarky Belle said...

Sorry Sue (but not really), I couldn't pick just one. I have two:
"Prop 8 and the Right to Vote Your Conscience", and "So NOT the Reason for the Season".

Your Prop 8 post was the beginning of our friendship. The other was just so completely hilarious to me.

It really was hard to choose because I also love what you write about your family. Happy upcoming 150th PostDay! :)

Heather Anderson said...

I'm still waiting for my favorite post, something about your first-born.


Susan Anderson said...

You can bet that one is in the works, Matt. In fact, it's been brewing in my subconscious mind for the past 33 going on 34 years, so brace yourself. The day of reckoning cometh.


PS. It cometh October 25th.

jen said...

I don't think I should be penalized because I'm not the first to post, but I do think I'm the tenth. WooHoo! And I AM on vacation!
Your posts make me think and make me happy and make me study further and make me laugh. What more can I ask for?
Plus, you've been commenting on Brad's entries on my blog. Above and beyond!

Mimi Nowland said...

I hope that I am not too late to win a book! I enjoyed the Lemon tree post. We are avid gardners at our house and I am always amazed at how much we learn about life through gardening. Plus you shared one of my favorite scriptures!

Em said...

does this mean i can still win???!!! oh please, say it IS so!!!!! my favorite post is the hair post, you becoming one with your pepper!!!!!!! you natural hair color!!!!!!!!!! 'tis why i am no longer a blonde, 'tis why i had the courage to go back to my brunette roots!!!!! oh please, please i hope i win!

dalene said...

Twelve comments, but one of them commented twice, so if it's not too late I'm going to give it a go.

I love the lemon tree post. It would be a shame to weather such trials without something visible to remind us of the many things we learn through such experiences.

anders21 said...

I guess I missed out on getting a book. I think I already have an autographed one anyway. I've only read two of your posts including this one (and the one before it), so I can't really pick a favorite but I am sure it is probably one about me. If there is one about your daughter in law and daughter than I am sure there must be one about your youngest son...

Susan Anderson said...

I am amazed to see that my "youngest son" has actually visited my blog! Now I KNOW it's Spring break. (A little bit of spare time is a good thing.)

Thanks for commenting, Todd! Heather often does, and Matt occasionally does...but under Heather's name. I'm sure she appreciates having his comments attributed to her, LOL.

And you're right. There IS a post about you. You were here when I wrote it, remember? About the joys of having an adult son who takes out the garbage, unasked??

Of course, you'll be subjected to the rapidly-becoming-infamous birthday post as well. May 18th, buddy. You're on!