Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amazing Discovery Brings Fame to Stay-at-Home Mom

My daughter-in-law has a BA in Child Development, and we are VERY proud of her! Prior to her recent discovery, she had been working with special needs children, most notably teaching sign language to autistic children as a means of communication. She has had some great success with that, but her career is taking a whole new direction now. What's more, all of this has unfolded while she is a stay-at-home mom! Frankly, it's thrilling to watch...which is why I had to share her news.

Always a creative thinker, she has recently devised a groundbreaking test procedure for measuring childhood resiliency. Once the level of resilience has been assessed, Heather provides an experiential learning program for each child, using behavioral modification and desensitization to enhance the ability to function under stress. Her thesis includes creating unique circumstances wherein every child can obtain, through active learning, the coping skills necessary to withstand childhood traumas by developing adaptive behaviors at an earlier phase of emotional development than would occur within the range of normal experience.

In other words, she tortures them! (See below.)

Okay, okay, she doesn't really torture her children, and little Bryce is the one who actually let these balloons go, but now they are up so high nobody can get them down, and the poor kid is suffering! I mean, this is enough to cause permanent damage, no? Or at least deep scarring of the psyche. And what's worse is that this has gone on for almost two weeks! (Couldn't the parents get a pellet gun and shoot them suckers down or something?)

Seriously, can you believe how funny and cute this picture is? Thanks, Heather, for supplying the great pic and for having a sense of humor about the first two paragraphs of this post.  heehee  (Actually, the part about her degree in child development and teaching sign language to autistic children is for real.)

Anyway, ROCK ON, you guys. Both of you are the greatest parents ever, and thanks again for making my day with this particular set of photos.

Hug the kids for me.



Natalie said...

So funny! He is too cute!! Heather, congrats on your discovery of this new method for measuring a child's resiliency. I plan on trying it out with my kids.

I have a pellet gun Bryce can borrow. I say, it's never too soon to learn the ins and outs of a pellet gun! Ok, that's not true, now that I think about it. I vividly remember my little brother shooting a squirrel with his pellet gun. I was distraught over it. So was he when my parents found out! My dad broke the pellet gun in half, as I looked on with joy...on behalf of the squirrel of course! :)

em said...

precious, precious, precious
that littl chin!!!

jen said...

had me going there for a minute. I really wanted some hope for inventing some miraculous thing so someone could make millions of dollars and relieve some of my newly acquired tax burden!

Fiauna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciated your comment.

I loved this post. What a clever idea. Such a cute little guy!

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