Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Gift

Sorry I've been hibernating while I worked on the Relief Society lesson I'll be giving this morning. Actually, I had to give two lessons combined, so it took me a little extra effort to prepare. (These are pretty meaty lessons even when you only have to give one of them, let alone two at the same time.) Quite a task!

I hope you enjoy this heartwarming video/story as much as I do. Be sure to scroll down and click off my playlist music before you listen.



Heather Anderson said...

the movie link doesn't work

Sue said...

Hey, Heather....Try it again, okay? I just had two people check the video, and they were both able to view it. Maybe your computer was just "having a mind of its own" in that moment. (Mine does that occasionally for no apparent reason.)

jen said...

Thank you, Sue. Your blog is constantly a source of inspiration for me in my busy life.
And I am overcome with 2 feelings this morning having watched that video. One is a desire to serve all those I see, but the more overwhelming of the two is how much I miss President Hinckley, his love for those he taught and the way he did so.
Such a great spiritual way to start this day--our day to see the Sacred Grove. Thanks.

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