Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So NOT the reason for the season!

Red and white block letters spelling S-A-N-T-A have graced the top of our family room TV for years. (The A's even have a Santa face...very cute, if I do say so myself.) 

When my sons were teenagers, one of their delightful friends was fond of rearranging those letters when I wasn't looking. Sometimes I wouldn't notice for a day or two, and I've often wondered what visitors to our home thought as they sat in our family room at Christmas time, nonplussed by this supposedly Christian family that apparently felt the need to give a holiday shout-out to S-A-T-A-N.

I have to say that this is a more amusing story to tell than it was to experience...At the time, I was definitely NOT amused!  


Natalie said...

I completely understand why, at the time, you may not have been amused. But, that is really funny! :)And, I'll take a laugh any way I can get it these days...even at the expense of your very Christian family! :)

Sue said...

Here's what's even funnier...He came over to say Merry Christmas a couple of years ago (now a professional in his late 20's) and guess what I saw when he left? Yep. S-A-T-A-N! Some boys never grow up. =)

emily said...

oh goodness sakes, that's funny, especially since he still does it!

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