Saturday, December 20, 2008

L8r, Sk8r - A Betty and Her Bro

Okay, I'm a California grandma, and I've definitely got some skillz! (Not at skating, just at talking about it.) 


Ridin' in the leaves is a little bit sketchy, but oh dude, the J-man is smooth. And Queen C's stance is diamondz, even if the board IS backwards. (Kinda gnarly, but at least she doesn't bail, though she does ride goofy.) Hey, those kids can really shred! Now all they need is a ramp so they can get some serious air!!

Impressive, no? (Or have I overplayed my hand?)

Here's the scary part. Their dad, who used to do ollies and kick flips, has now decided he can still do those tricks 15 or so years later. I sure hope he's right! (Helmet and knee-pads, anyone?...Or maybe full body armor???) 


1 comment:

Natalie said...

Impressive, YES!! :)
You are so completely adorable!!
I love it!

Here is the link so you can Elf yourself:

Also, I am trying to send you the HTML code for the "strike thingy", but the comment thing won't let me! I could email it to you?
Let me know.

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