Friday, December 19, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to (Christmas) Dinner?

Guess who's making a repeat appearance for Christmas? Yep...the grandkids!! And their parents, too. AND their three uncles and aunt! In fact, ALL of my children will be here Saturday, and I'm trying to get everything done before they arrive so I can just relax and enjoy them.

Yesterday I spent literally the whole day sorting and wrapping the presents. The prior day was devoted to cleaning house and changing sheets, etc. Today? Well, today I think I will just go around with a dreamy look on my face, kinda putting the finishing touches on everything.

My thoughtful mom (who shouldn't have done it but I'm glad she did) baked me cookies of every kind that arrived in the mail yesterday...two jars of 'em to share with my family. Thanks, Mom. They look absolutely delicious, as do the tea rings she and my stepfather made. These tasty morsels truly melt in your mouth. None of this is going to help my Weight Watchers cause...but it's sure gonna put a smile on my face!

Not that there wasn't a smile on my face already.  =)


emily said...

awwww, look how cute your family is!!!

Heather Anderson said...

We will be on our way soon. Just packing now. Can't wait!

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