Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy As a Bee, That's Me!

I've been so busy the past few days that I never even put up a Mother's Day post. That's almost heresy for me! (Sorry, Mom.) But life is settling down a bit, thank heaven, so I'll just fill you in on what's had me running faster than I could catch up in this merry and slightly manic month of May...

The first week, grandson Jeremiah visited our son Ryan (and us) for a fantastic weekend that included one of the best seats in the house for the SF Giant's game. He tells us that he is now a lifetime fan, which is probably making his Dodger Blue Dad none too happy. J arrived home sporting an official team hat, which he managed to get signed by his favorite pitcher.

We also had the pleasure of attending the temple marriage of our good friend Leighann, who makes new hubby Josh a very lucky man. Their reception last Saturday was one of the best ever, including amazing (and extremely humorous) entertainment by Ruth, who pretty much rocked our world with her medley of "meaningful" songs ranging from romance to rap. It only got better when the bride got up and busted some crazy moves before pulling her hubby up to alternately embrace and embarrass. Boy, was his face red...and the crowd loved every minute of it!

In the midst of weddings and receptions, I spent three days in Irvine with Todd. (Sorry I didn't call, Karen. I planned to, but the kid ate up all my time.) He will be a groomsman for one of his best friends from U of A this weekend, so we shopped for khaki pants and a blue blazer. We also cleaned and polished his apartment to a high sheen, which I think will make this last month of med school a little less overwhelming. Boy, will I be glad when he's got this first year under his belt. It's been a wild ride, and I had to buy an entire storage cabinet to keep track of all the paperwork he's had to master and memorize in the past 9 months. Frankly, I don't know how any of those guys and girls manage it all. Especially the dissecting of cadavers twice a week. Ugh and double ugh. Good news is that Todd will be coming home for the summer to work with an oncologist in our area. Hurray!

The afternoon of the same day I flew back from Irvine, my sister and some of her family arrived to spend the night and enjoy Mother's Day morning with us before returning to Southern California. We stayed up laughing and chatting until 2:30 am, which may explain why I was a bit of a dullard yesterday. My family treated me like a queen, but I managed to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation with my daughter. I then proceeded to fall out of my chair. (Don't ask.) Despite these shenanigans, I was treated to a terrific breakfast and dinner, receiving enough flowers to keep me smiling all week long. (Even today, when I have to go have four moles cut off at the dermatologist.) I know, TMI, right? But that doesn't stop me from complaining that one of them is behind my ear (ouch).

Hope you all had a terrific Mother's Day. Tomorrow I will be posting some terrific pics of my grandkids and will be participating in Leigh's happiness project for the first time in a couple of weeks. With any luck, things might even return to what passes for normal on this blog o' mine.


PS. Thanks for putting up with my late (and sometimes nonexistent) comments on your blogs recently. I am going to try to catch up today before I go to the slicer and dicer doctor!


Brian Miller said...

i hope you had great mothers day have been busy but also a good kind of busy getting to be with family....fell out of the chair...(really i am not laughing, smiles)...hope all goes well at the doc!

Anna M said...

oh Sue. Mole removal! Here's to hoping it is mostly painless and that they get them all the first time.

Sounds like a great busy bee weekend!

Jenny said...

Save the moles!




Save the Sue! We love her moled or mole-less.

I hope it goes well.

So much going on with you...gosh...maybe you can just nap through the mole removal procedure!

Eva Gallant said...

You HAVE been a busy lady!!!! Glad you're getting a little breather!

Lisalulu said...

glad you are busy and up to good... cleaning and all!! and as far as moles... grin and bare it!

jen said...

Slicer/dicer? That was funny.

And I always wanted to be able to play "Flight of the Bumble Bee." Too lazy to practice. Maybe when I have an empty house in a few years.

Who am I kidding?

Good luck at the doc.

karen said...

I had to laugh - did you anticipate my mouth opening in protest when I heard you were down here? So funny... but I know how the best laid plans get swallowed up by family fun, so no worries at all. Mole removal - I am very mole-icious myself, so I've had my fair share removed. Better safe than sorry! The story I want to hear is of you falling out of your chair. You must have been quite surprised!
Well, slow down, take a breath and take care of yourself. I'm having some really good health weeks myself and am hoping they'll continue. And by the way, the coconut oil is wonderful! My hands are noticeably softer.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sue, I am so amazed by your commenting! You rule! How do you do it?

Connie said...

You have been busy! Listening to the music made me read through the post super fast and left me breathless!

I hope the mole removal wasn't too terribly painful (Hate those numbing shots)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Pondside said...

Too funny - I clicked on your post and then my phone rang. I answered, then hung up and heard the music - thought 'there must be some sort of festival at the hotel if they're playing Flight of the Bumblebee. It took me a while to realise that it was your post!
By now you are home with lots of bandages. I hope you're not hurting too much. It's a heck of a way to lose weight, but if it works I might try it before the wedding!

yaya said...

Never had a mole removed but I have helped remove enough moles at work to fill a football stadium! Hope yours all went well! You are a busy gal and I understand the word busy relax today and Happy belated Mother's Day!

Stef said...

What a busy and yet fun month. So things don't always slow down once the kids are out...or maybe they do and you get to CHOOSE the amount of crazy you isn't just decided for you?
Glad to have you back!

Stacy Crawford said...

Good thing the busy stuff is fun!

Grandma Honey said...

I guess you HAVE been busy! wow! From traveling to cleaning to hosting to nearly falling out of your chair. Tell us more about the derm Dr.

Caroline said...

I totally understand! You always amaze me with your beautiful and generous comments. You are such a great friend!
I have been very busy too so I can relate! Good luck at the doctor! Speaking of which, I have a few moles I need to have looked at... :/

Looking forward to your pictures tomorrow (or today as I am on east coast time!)

Love, Caroline

Farmer's Wyfe said...

I hate pesky moles...but thanks for the laugh anyhow! :)

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