Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Anonymous Birthday Girl

I was going to honor my big sister's desire always to remain anonymous on my blog (and elsewhere on the internet), but I had to at least give her a birthday shout-out or my December 30th would just not be the same.

So without mentioning her name, showing her picture, or otherwise irritating her by interfering with her privacy, I will just say this:

offer this:

(not that she likes cake anyway, because she mostly doesn't),


tell her that I remember this:

What great times we've had together.

For instance:

1. Processing olives from our tree on La Cienega in our "special" way.
2. Eating grass with sugar and milk on it assuming it just had to make good cereal.
3. Performing as the infamous yet illustrious "Lily and Her Athlete's Foot" to universal acclaim.
4. Dancing our own version of ballet to the Grand Canyon Suite.
5. Being janitors for Dad's buildings.
6. Taking all the younger siblings to the beach and cracking the block on the family car.
7. Watching the Christmas parade on Hollywood Blvd. from Dad's office window.
8. Eating at the Tick Tock, Philippe's, Olvera Street, the Spanish Kitchen, etc.
9. Yelling for Guy to play with us (and me getting hit in the eye with a lemon for my reward).
10. Mall shopping with Matt's copious spit-up and Charlie's non-stop screams.
11. Going to Catalina on the sailboat and other such high sea adventures.
12. Bagel and cream cheese dinners on Friday nights at my house on Septo.
13. Her dual roles as motorcycle mama and small plane co-pilot.
14. Dinners at the Marina.
15. Butch and Little Dog...Need I say more?
16. The velvet skirt she made me for my Pi Phi initiation ceremony when she barely knew how to sew.
17. All the times she did my hair, most notably for senior prom.
18. The Corvair and the Ford...Again, need I elucidate?
19. Our amazing speed and skill on those hand-clapping games we used to play in the car.
20. The dips on Pearblossom Highway.

And so much more.

Yep, sisters and memories go well together, even anonymously.

Which is why I am wishing mine a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, anonymously.

And sending her birthday love, also anonymously.


PS. Hope it's a good one!

PPS. So, what's the verdict? Did I stay out of trouble??

PPPS. My mother-in-law also shared this birthday, so it is a doubly special one. Happy birthday, Mom!


Brad said...

Which sister in the picture on your sidebar? Can't remain anonymous forever in this cyber world.
Wha ha ha ha ha!

Brad said...

That's from Jen. Sorry, forgot I was on Brad's computer!

Jill said...

What memories. No I don't think this is very anonymous, but I do think she will forgive you :))
Hollywood Blvd? Sounds like you grew up in California like me!

VK said...

What would we do without sisters and the memories they invoke? I wish mine were closer, but they are always right here in my mind and heart. You do such a good job making everyone feel special. She won't be upset.

Amy said...

No names or pictures and only memories you shared, I think you did a good job with anonymity.

What wonderful ,memories you share! She sounds amazing. I hope she has a truly magical day.

karen said...

Great job! I wish I had a sister.

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