Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopping Gets a Bad Wrap

front view

rear view

lookie-here view

Here it is: the first installment of gifts, ready to wrap, and my children would tell you it ain't gonna be pretty. Nope. My gift-wrapping style is all about speed, not splendor––the idea being to slap that Christmas-colored paper on as many packages as possible in as little time as possible. Of course, there are rules. The entire gift needs to be covered up...sans telltale holes that might betray the contents...but patches with unmatched paper are definitely accepted. Waste not, want not, right? And sometimes there are little scraps of wrap that serve very well to cover the odd slit left by poor planning or end-of-the-roll-and-all-you-needed-was-one-more-inch issues.

What other rules do I live by?

No ribbons. No bows. No foil that glows.
No glitter, no bags, no tie-on tags.

No stripes, squares, circles or patterned lines...
No geometric-type designs.

Yep, I've changed the act of wrapping Christmas gifts from an art to a science! (Science fiction, that is.) And I do mean the horror variety.

But hey, we all like a little NIghtmare Before Christmas, right?

Yep, that's me. Taking a bow!


karen said...

That's funny - I love to wrap. I had a job in college at a Hallmark store doing gift wrap and I was in heaven.

No ribbons. No bows. No foil that glows.
No glitter, no bags, no tie-on tags.
No stripes, squares, circles or patterned lines...
No geometric-type designs.

What do you wrap your gifts in then? No matter - it looks like you've got some wonderful surprises there! Lucky family.

Carolyn said...

That's my kind of wrapping! Seriously why put so much time in when it comes off in only a few seconds.

(This is also why I don't buy lingerie. TMI? Sorry :))

Amy said...

I hat wrapping gifts! Absolutely with all my heart hate it. i think I may have inherited this abhorrence from my mother who would sometimes wrap our gifts in garbage bags. And if I order something from the mail and it comes in a box, that box gets stuck under the tree sans wrapping paper. It is a good thing my hubby worked for a book store and had to learn the delicate art of wrapping, or our kids would never get to experience the joy of tearing off the papers.
How great that you are already getting Christmas taken care of! We are Christmas Eve shoppers in this house. I am beginning to think my mantra is "bring on the stress!" or something along those lines! Way to go, Sue! Glad you are getting an early start!

Karen Sue said...

WOW! You're showing me up BIG TIME! I need a plan. Let's hope it comes to me in the near future!! Anyway. I like your Christmas playlist. I had a sister in law who spent hours wrapping with ribbons and bows and double ribbons and other neat wrapping...then she had kids and WHO CARES??? REALLY??

jen said...

That's funny, because I had a job in high school working for JCPenney where I was the designated wrapper. Loved it then.

Years have passed.
Time has become more valuable.
Now I absolutely detest wrapping presents.
Gift bags are the best. Except they just don't seem to cut it for Christmas. So . . .
A wrapping we must go . . .

KC Mom said...

I like to wrap very simply as well.
And that movie is my favorite!

Sue said...

I ended up wrapping nothing today because I had to finish a poem I promised to write for a lady who is being honored for her work in the temple.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day, right? And I am absolutely going to get it done before I leave for my grandson's baptism!


Darlene said...

If everyone knew how many Christmas packages you have to wrap, Sue, they would understand why you have learned to just get them covered with traditional Christmas paper that comes on a roll. I have honestly never seen so many packages under a Christmas tree ever. Half the living room is covered. In her own family it is usual to give one of her kids a dozen or more things. But I will say they are all very useful things such as clothes.....mostly clothes in fact and all of her family loves their mom's taste in the clothes she picks out with great loving care for them. Besides, it saves them so much time, to say nothing of money when she can replenish their wardrobe each Christmas. IT's easy to see why they love having their Mom shop for them.

Darlene said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Darlene said...

Oops, what happened. My comment was so important I guess it needed to be published twice. Sorry

Em said...

i must say, i'm all about bags and tissue paper with ribbon. i don't have the patience for paper! i'm faster with bags and bows.

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