Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grow Old With Me, the Best Is Yet to Be

Roses look good from a distance

But they look even better close up

And from this angle, they are just about perfect

Kinda like the husband that gave them to me!

This is a man to make your heart leap

Your liver quiver

And your goosebumps stand in line.

For 37 years now, I've been proud

to call him mine all mine!

He makes my liver quiver
and my heartbeat change its pace.
He makes my neck hairs shiver
and my brain waves lose their place.
He makes my tendons tremble.
All my goose bumps stand in line.
I guess that’s why I can’t deny
I love this man of mine!


You still rock my boat.

Je t'aime plus qu'hier, moins que demain.
Toujours et pour toujours!



Momza said...

Awww how sweet! happy anniversary! love that he makes your "liver quiver"!

Darlene said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to both of you. I am so grateful you found each other. You were both so young too, but Sue, from the time you met Dave, there was just no one else for you. How I do remember how I suffered with you when you worried about that other girl his parents wanted him to hook up with. You hung in, and all the time I am sure that Dave preferred you. How could he not? Weren't you just the cutest smartest, most interesting person in the whole world?

I hope the both of you (maybe the most busy two people I know) take time out to do something special to celebrate. I love you both so much. Dave is just like my very own, you know.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderfully sweet post, and those flowers he sent you are divine! I hope you have a truly magical day, just like you did when you were first married.

karen said...

Look at you two, all adorable in the 70's! Happy, HAPPY anniversary Sue - it's so wonderful when you find that perfect person for you. Best wishes for many more happy years. (you know, before the forever part)

jen said...

I loved seeing your wedding pictures! Happy anniversary, and I love the tribute your mom wrote. Maybe in 37 years I'll feel like that about Heidi. . .

Janis said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! May you be blessed with many, many more!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Beatuful roses AND a handsome hubby, you ARE a lucky lady :) Congratulations on 37 years, bet it flew by :)


Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary mom!

Em said...

so cute!!! love the wedding pics:-) congrats!

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