Monday, December 28, 2009

Play It Again, Jen!

This darling young woman is in my husband's singles ward, and she's an aspiring opera singer. Her talents are amazing, but this is something a little different than what I've seen her do before. Frankly, I found it so charming and quirky (in a good way) that I just had to share:

(Be sure to click off my playlist on the right side bar so you can hear her!)

Seriously, how cute is she? And the girl even taught herself to play the ukulele and did all of her own backup. Now, tell me, did you enjoy watching this little video as much as I did?


PS. Jen says she went flat a couple of times (I chalk it up to having to deal with the ukulele), but it certainly didn't mar my enjoyment! I'm a BIG fan.

PPS. And you should hear her sing at church. (goose bumps)

PPPS. Sadly, I missed her recital because of this dang cold I've been nursing since before Christmas, but I heard she (and her dress) were both awesome.


KC Mom said...

What a darling girl. I wish my single girl and she were in the same ward. ;)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Cute! she has a very nice voice. The uke is an instrument that you can actually teach yourself to master on your own.

My oldest son Marley carries his uke absolutely everywhere. His HS senior picture was taken with his uke. That's how everyone recognizes easily, because he is always with that uke.


Amy said...

what a fun girl! She sounds beautiful, and has such a fun personality, I am so glad you posted this!

jen said...

I was thinking, in all my narcissism, that you'd dedicated another post to me! :)
Lucky for you you didn't. I'm not nearly that talented!
And I won! YAY! Surprise me with a great CD of some of your faves!
Hope you've dug out your house from the Christmas cheer!

Momza said...

Well how stinkin cute is she?!! Thanks for the introduction--now I'll have to keep my eyes open for her!

Carolyn said...

So fun. Thanks for sharing. She's just cute.

Karen said...

How wonderful! I was really impressed! Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

What a voice!!! Really. She's got it, and the personality to go with it. And I have to admit, I even liked the overflowing hamper. Looks like our bedrooms this week :))

Em said...

i sang in high school for musicals and choir. her voice puts us all to shame! amazing:-)

karen said...

And she was just messing around and sounded that good! I would love to be able to open my mouth and have sound like that come out! Very cute video, but my favorite part was the dirty laundry in the background. Love it!

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