Friday, August 22, 2008

Isn't life interesting?

There's nothing black and white about life, is there? The whole experience seems to run on a system of checks and balances, with happiness/satisfaction largely dependent upon having a good sense of perspective.

Case in point, yesterday.

Not-so-good things:  lost suitcase, chipped granite on kitchen countertop, Todd's books cost almost as much as his tuition.

Good things:  suitcase found, granite guy coming Saturday and thinks he can fix countertop, Todd qualifies for in-state tuition.

Pretty much of a draw, right? But here's where that all-important sense of perspective comes into play...

Sense of perspective:  Jeremiah, Carli, Bryce

Kinda tips the scales, doesn't it? So have a good day, guys! I certainly will.  =)


Heather Anderson said...

great post thanks for sharing your thoughts as always you are inspiring. I have to agree Jeremiah, Carli amd Bryce do bring me great happiness and maybe evenin some strange chaotic way balance at times...

Laura said...

Those are some pretty darn adorable Grand kids!

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