Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Joys of Grown-Up Kids

One of my sons, the 26-year-old, is spending a couple of weeks with us...something he hasn't done for ages. The last time he was in our home for anything other than Christmas, Thanksgiving or a quick weekend trip, I was treated to the residual hallmarks of adolescence. I'm sure you know the drill, including but not limited to clothes all over the place, crushed Doritos on the carpets, spilled drinks on the coffee table, and marathon movie-watching.

Imagine my amazement Monday upon our return from the infamous dental visit posted earlier. As we exited the car, my son (a complete stranger, I now realize) actually walked back out of the garage and down the driveway to retrieve of his own accord (be still, my heart) the emptied garbage can and recycle bins from the curb. Even crazier, when I thanked him profusely, he acted as if his actions were only to be expected.

I had chalked this incident up as a complete fluke of nature when I observed the clincher. Yesterday my son (who keeps referring to me as "Mom," so I'm sure it must be he) walked purposefully into an empty room where I had left the light on and Enough said. Manhood has been achieved.

Of course, being a grown-up doesn't mean one puts away all childish things. Apparently it doesn't mean one puts away all one's clothes either...or watches Heroes one DVD at a time. That's okay. Men are more manly with a flaw or two, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue...he's 26, huh? That means there is hope for me with my 10.5 year old. He jumped from the backseat to the front in his dirty sandals today. I've got road tar marks on my front passenger seat, now.

Do you have blog on tar removal, too?
Love ya,
Lorrie Ney
Columbia, MO

Kristin said...

The more manly you are, the MORE Heroes you are tough enough to watch at once. (Which is good, since I made Craig watch 7 in a row!)

Our family chaos said...

Wow impressive. How do you think I could get Craig to do that(LOL). I am loving your blog!

NBlake said...

I guess I must be pretty manly since I watched the whole two seasons in a week with Jordan.

Heather Anderson said...

You are a good Mom so I have no doubt all your boys will come around and become amazing men...I know 30 was a HUGE turning point for Matt. He has always been great but men really do get better with age. I really enjoy having Todd and Ry as Brothers more and more as they get older too!

And it does give me hope that one day Jeremiah will do any one of the things I seem to have to remind him EVERYDAY like pick up your clothes, or put away your dish or the trampoline is outside not on our couch or sit down to eat LOL

Laura said...

Is it really possible to get men to clean up without provocation? I am amazed that exists. Just kidding MOST things Alan does without me asking. Some things just aren't as important to him as they are to me (thus the divide) :)

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