Saturday, August 30, 2008

How's This for Cute?

The three cutest kids ever...and that starts off my response to Heather's tag:

Three joys: Bryce, Carli, and Jeremiah!

Three fears: any threat to my family's health, any threat to my own health, not being able to take care of myself when I get older.

Three goals: getting and staying as healthy as I can, finishing my poetry website and writing another book, increasing my level of spirituality.

Three obsessions: finishing my website, keeping the people I love safe, food.

Three random facts about me: I used to be a pretty good ballerina and an All-District Orchestra violinist. (The latter is misleading because I was in grade school at the time!) I went parasailing in Mexico. I can't be in the sun at all because of my lupus. (A big bummer for a girl who grew up in Southern California!)


Heather Anderson said...

Thanks for playing and I like your anser to the joys ..that is cute:)

As for the underline thing I think it is cuz you wrote next to photos. Nest time move down below the photo:)

I like your website, cool


Kristin said...

they are pretty cute. :)

Kristin said...

ps the site is looking good. I am totally impressed you did it all yourself.

Sue said...

Thanks, Kristin. The hardest part has been finding free clipart that actually works with the poems!

Laura said...

I loved this post. You DO have the cutest Grand kids ever. I thought it was interesting learning more about you too!

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