Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dentist Dilemmas

You know what's even worse than going to the dentist? Going to the dentist and coming home with only 3/4 of your smile intact. I mean, seriously. How unsettling is it to look in the mirror and realize that the nerve you customarily count on to lift the upper right corner of your mouth has been completely taken out? Of course, you're hoping this phenomenon is only temporary, but you never really know until the novocaine wears off, do you?

Maybe I'm just a worrier–(maybe??!)–but I have to talk myself through this experience every time it happens, and it happens a little too often for my liking. However, you'll be glad to know that, once more, I am in possession of a full smile. SAFE! Until the next time a crown cracks... =(


Kristin said...

ha ha ha. the dentist is the worst! I am so glad that you have a blog now! I love it! You should post some of your newport photos. we hardly got any, which was lame. :)

Heather Anderson said...

HAte the dentist I have to go on Friday too:(

LOVE that your a blogger now!!!

Nikki Blake said...

Be glad you have all your front teeth.

NBlake said...

At least you have your front teeth.

Sue said...

Good point, Nik. The man who has no shoes loses the pity party to the man who has no feet every time. (I'm fairly sure this translates to teeth as well...)

At any rate, here's hoping ALL of your front teeth will be in residence very soon!

Heather Anderson said...

Love the pics of Bryce and the music your blog is cute:)

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