Monday, October 11, 2010

A Lovely Crew: fleet-footed, too!

What's better than the young adult Relief Society running a 5K?

Especially with these guys waiting at the finish line!
(My hubby, aka Bishop A., is second from the left.)

Looks to me like these girls are ready to rumble.

Some found the run downright amusing,

while others just enjoyed the natural high.

Quite a few paired up with a friend;

one paired up with a phone,

and this lovely lady was spurred on by the guy she's marrying Friday!

There was even a baby in tow!!

These girls look like serious runners.

And so do these.

Well, not too serious.

Here they come, Bishop!

Get ready to welcome the gang home!!

High 5's all around!!!

Now tell me; have you ever seen a lovelier group of young ladies?

And they look even better up close.



(Thanks to Melody and Steve for the photos!)


Dixie Mom said...

I love that idea! I need to have my daughter help organize one of those in her student ward. What a fun group of kids.

Grandma Honey said...

Until you added at the end that someone else took the pictures, I was thinking you got quit the work out too just running ahead of them all, taking the pictures! :)

The one running while on the phone would have been me....such a serious runner I have always been :)

Jackie said...

What an awesome group of women, and all so pretty! I love that!

Donna said...

Looks like a successful event!! All my children ran cross country so I know how to cheer a race on!! (not a runner myself...except to the kitchen, ha!)Love the colored ballons, and white adds so much festivity to it all!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Wow, I'm impressed!!! I've never even run a 5k before!

Jess said...

That's a really great idea- was it a fundraiser, or just a fun raiser?

Darlene said...

I think that is what keeps that group so active.....activities! And Dave seeems to keep them doing a lot of fun things. Parties are great too, and all the dinner things at your house each month. I commend their Bishopric and all who help in these events. I just hope they can all hang in there. They are doing a great and important job.

Amy said...

Gotta love a good 5K. And it looks like everyone had a great time. I am just wondering why none of the men joined in???

karen said...

What a great thing to do! I think we should do more of that sort of thing. ("We" being a relative term, of course... I could walk it but I wouldn't be able to run it.)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No I have never seen a pretty bunch of ladies in my life. What a great day for everyone involved.
Love that you shared this with us.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
Love ya

Cherie said...

What a great idea and a fun group of women!
I didn't know you were a Bishop's wife too - Us BW's we gotta stick together (wink!).

Momza said...

Great idea! Think I'll share this with our RS Pres!!

Karen Sue said...

I did the BC 3Day in 2008 with a friend and the rush feeling of doing something like that was something I'll never forget. Walking (& running) for a cause is awesome!!

Roger and LeAnn said...

Loved the post and pictures. We have the young adults in our building which is awesome. We are having a 5K run or walk in May. I would need to start now just doing a walk and probably slow one at that.
Blessings for you! LeAnn

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