Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Gig on "Mormon Women"

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Mormon Women

I don't know how many of you are aware of a site called Mormon Women: Who We Are. The purpose of this blog, as I understand it, is to provide a real voice and give real faces to LDS women across the debunk myths and break down stereotypes of who we are, replacing these with facts and information straight from the horse's mouth (or mouths, as it were). Not that I'm calling us a bunch of nags (old, gray, or otherwise), of course.

The thing is, I've agreed to join their creative team and become a regular contributor, and today I have posted an introduction of myself that you might want to check out. For longtime readers of Sue's News, Views 'n Muse, I think you may actually learn a couple of things about me that you didn't know before. Yes folks, after 500 posts, I still have secrets to reveal. LOTS of 'em. (There now. Doesn't that give me an air of mystery?) All undeserved, I fear. But, no matter...

Anyway, in March of last year, the talented woman behind this endeavor wrote me an e-mail asking whether I would be interested in participating occasionally on the website by writing an essay or submitting poetry. We continued discussing the idea and agreed, rather casually, that they would be free to publish some poems and that I would, perhaps, write some personal essays in the future. More recently, due to a hiatus or two behind the scenes, Michelle decided a new team member was needed and asked me if I could fill that bill. Knowing that what I really need in my life is more time on the internet (?!), I agreed.

So there it is. The continuing tale of my over-involvement in computer-related activity and writing in general. What can I say? Mea culpa. And...

How sweet it is!


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KC Mom said...

That is so awesome Sue! I can't think of anyone who would be better at being on their team than you!! Good luck and have fun!

Jess said...

Wow Sue- that sounds like an exciting venture! and I did learn more about you, and I'm in awe again.Good luck on your new project- maybe post links for when you write for them?

karen said...

This is great - you must be so excited! I did learn some new things about you, and I like you even more! I agree with Jess - post links when you write. I'll try to check in, but I will for sure if I know you've written something.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

How wonderful! I'll have to check your introduction out over there!

Frosty said...

What a great adventure that awaits you! I'll be checking it out for sure.

Momza said...

I've heard about them, but didn't really know at least I know one thing for sure:
They have great taste!!!!
You're brilliant and they know it!
Congrats Sue!

Lisalulu said...

wow YEA for you. MORE writing for you!! THAT is great! it is official YOU ARE FAMOUS

Cherie said...

Sue this is really neat! I will have to check out this blog.
Congratulations on being a contributor - they are lucky to have you!

Darlene said...

You will be a great addition to "Mormon Women" I know. I am sure, too, that you will enjoy one more writing project. No wonder your husband calls himself a "computer widower". How do you have time for anything else in your life? Still, I know how much you enjoy it, and we certainly enjoy reading your almost daily blog and I am sure you will find a way to incorporate it into your life without neglecting all the other important things in your life. You are nothing if not organized!

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

We are so thrilled to have Sue as part of the Mormon Women creative team. There's that word -- create!

Sue's been someone who has stood out to me for a while as a wise, articulate, loving, faithful woman. The lag time between our initial discussions and this recent invitation really doesn't reflect how much I have wanted you to be part of the team all along. I think the site just needed some time to grow first. ;) Probably my mistake for not being more insistent that you be part of that early process, though.

Anyway, thanks again.

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