Monday, September 7, 2009

Sue's 300-Posts-and-Counting Giveaway

Can't believe that today's post brings my Sue's News, Views 'n Muse total to 300! I started this little blog o' mine a year ago, which means that I haven't always averaged one post a day as originally planned. In the last few months, though, I've definitely come closer to that goal. And what a fun ride it has been.

I recently thanked you guys for being such faithful visitors, readers and commenters, but I feel like I need to go there once again, because writing to an empty house could never fill my cup the way writing to old and new friends like you does. I appreciate each and every relationship I've made, and I enjoy reading your blogs as much as I enjoy having you read mine. After all, everyone needs a good listening to now and again, right? And how often do we really get heard?

So, because I'm all about the blogging and the bloggers, I am hosting another giveaway in honor of my 300th post. This time, each of my 5 winners will be able to choose one of the following prizes: an autographed copy of His Children, a copy of the 3-CD set of my favorite tunes that I burned for Lisa, a gift of your choice from Cheeky Cards, or a gift of your choice (except for the wedding pack of picture frames) from Junky Heirloom. How's that for a super deal?

Here's what you need to do to qualify:

1. For one entry in the drawing, simply make a comment about Sue's News, Views 'n Muse.
2. Followers, old or new, will receive an additional entry.
3. Two additional entries for anyone who posts about and links to the giveaway.
4. And one final entry for anyone who can introduce me to a really cool blog that I don't already know about.

In other words, your name can be entered from one to five times. Good luck, gang. I wish you could ALL be winners!

(Well, in my are.)


PS. Winners names will be drawn on Thursday night at 11:59 PM and announced on Friday morning!


Joyful Noise said...

I love reading your blog. I love your positive outlook and I also love hearing about when things are rough. I am going through some rough times and it helps me to feel normal when I read of others my age going through trials.

I also love how beautifully you can express your opinions. They are usually my opinions, but you express them and help me to put words to my thoughts.

Here is a blog that I like to follow. Becca is a friend of my dil's. She was in BYU Singers with her two years ago. I just like the way she writes and if you go back into her archives she had some fun trips and experiences while on the east coast (like FANTASTIC seats for the inauguration!) It is just fun sometimes to read ideas from someone young and enthusiastic.

So since I am a follower I hope this gives me three chances!

Love your blog!

Debbie Nowland rmm

jen said...

I just wanted to say, for the record, how GREAT your blog looks! It is fabulous! I came when just the yellow background was running, so I knew it was in the works. Much more Sue!
I wish that I had some great leads on new blogs for you, but I feel like I'm kind of in the same place. So you can bet I'll be checking out what others recommend.
And I'll link to you in my post tomorrow.
So happy I've found a good friend (and punctuation and grammar aficionado) and sounding board in NoCal!
p.s. My word verification is strive. Funny. First time I've had an actual "word."

Carolyn said...

I would recommend The Welcome Mat (link on my blog). Victoria is witty and fun hers it the best general blog I read right now. I have lots of farm favorites but they may not be as interesting to the general public.

I would love to enter your giveaway! Fun fun fun.

Carolyn said...

(Oh yeah, I follow too.)

Momza said...

first, I love the new layout!
Second, congrats on your 300th post--isn't blogging so neat?!
third, I follow follow you. and I'm so glad I do!

VK said...

New layout looks great. You always are so easy to read and keep up with. Love your family and fun to know them all vicariously.
Thanks for your positive attitude.

em said...

wait, does my friend beth's still count? i JUST gave you that one;-)

KC Mom said...

Wow! Congratulations! It's been quite the journey and I've so much enjoyed meeting you through your blogging.
I for one want your book.

Karen Sue said...

I'm liking this blog of yours and I'm glad I found you!
I dabble at other blogs, but I think I found you at Cold Antler Farm, so I can't intro you to Jenna's adventures...
I spent tax season down time reading all the back posts of down---to---earth. Find her here Guess I'll have to think on another, if you read that one. Or perhaps I found you by way of Lisa Lou... Anyway..GREAT JOB!! 300 posts and counting!! I want to win!

VK said...

Did I enable my followers widget??

Karen said...

Sue, I love the new look! I have found a new blog lately that I am enjoying

Plus I like the Meanest Mom - I totally get her sense of humor.

I am always eager to click on your link because you are such a great daily blogger and I am falling really short on that front.

Keep up the great work!

Love ya,

karen said...

Congratulations Sue on your 300th post! Sorry to be late commenting - I was off having a birthday! You know I love your blog and you know I'm one of your followers. I'll be posting something in a bit. Here are TWO blogs I like:
Sharon is an artist who often puts cool templates and giveaways for her artistry on her blog. AND she's a nice person!
The second is
Dr. Wes is a prominent electrophysiologist who posts almost daily comments and news about the state of our health system. I've learned a lot from reading it, and he's very entertaining to boot.
So whether you want to go for the artsy stuff or whether you prefer more political fare, you won't go wrong with either blog. Congratulations again!

Fiauna said...

Sue, you know I love your blog, your prose, your style. I'll follow you as long as I'm connected to the internet.
Happy 300th!

Lisa said...

Love your new look! still you but so ViSuAl. LOVE LOVE LOVE the CD's, they are the best. Funky enough to make a commute pass quickly and the Sunday different and relaxing and spiritually touching, I gasped when "I Heard Him Come".. used to sing that so long ago.
I'm always picking a new "best blog" from you, right now it is the -empty nest-. I have it copied and look at it from time to time and smile to myself- .. this pleases me, but it pains me, and that's the truth of it.
ok and here's a fun food blog

300 in one year! that IS something to celebrate

Paige said...

I think I'm too late for your contest, but I just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on 300 posts!

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