Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time out!

Well, my son (Ryan) and daughter-in-law (Heather) just took the kids on a hike, so I actually have a moment or two to collect myself. I have already made a valiant attempt to put the house back together. It wasn't completely successful, but at least you can sort of walk a straight line through the rooms now. Well, some of the rooms....  =)

Yesterday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum, where I made a significant discovery about myself. I AM OLD. 

Having said that, we're having a great time, and Matt gets here today. With his arrival (and my husband's, who's been out of town), the entire family will be together. My favorite thing!

Add this family visit to the Olympics, and it's hard to find anything to complain about. Hey, could you believe that Phelps pulled out that gold medal last night? Unreal! And how about our two gold-medal-winning gymnasts? What great girls they seem to be. (We listened to an interview of them and agreed they are pretty poised and gracious for their ages, 16 and 18.) It was also fun to see our champion beach volleyball team guys almost lose the first set and then overpower their opponents in the second set yesterday. Pretty exciting stuff.


Laura said...

I loved every minute of the Olympics. Well except maybe the Gymnastics tie breaker, that stunk!

Leslie said...

Coney Island Beach last June. Jennifer is running out to the water. I am following her. This is after going out once before and back to get her suit on. It dawns on me why , as a child, you are constantly told NOT TO RUN!!!! It's because the adults can't keep up with you. Especially in sand — for the third trip. I thought my thighs would explode.

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