Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lament of the Lost Luggage

Here's the thing. I'm convinced Southwest has it in for our immediate family. It hasn't even been a year since they lost Dave's suitcase, never to be seen again, then reimbursed him for only about half its contents. (And he had to show receipts for those!) Just filling out the ridiculously detailed forms took hours; in fact, if he had billed the time at his work rate, the check he received wouldn't even have been worth it. And don't forget that electronic devices of any kind are not covered, which means we no longer have a video recorder.

Still, as a direct byproduct of my sublime inner peace (?), I have come to accept our luggage experience. In true Oprah style, I am at one not only with the universe but with the everlovin' planet. Loss is a natural part of life, right?...I GET IT!...(officially channeling Oprah now). Besides, these are only material things and not worth ruminating about. The Andersons are sufficiently evolved to look beyond such petty and inconsequential losses. (Impressive equanimity, no?)

No. Because apparently we are not sufficiently evolved to look beyond Todd's loss of luggage last night. Yep, another Anderson suitcase has vanished, this one somewhere between San Jose and Tucson. Naturally, the missing item contains almost an entire wardrobe, most of it relatively new. The airline assures him, of course, that all will be well. No doubt the missing bag will arrive today on a plane from Las Vegas. Sorry for the inconvenience; it hardly ever happens; here's a $50 voucher for future flights. Blah, blah, blah. Yada, yada, yada. (Isn't it fortunate I'm at one with the universe?) Now if I just knew THE SECRET I could bring that suitcase back with "intention."
(All Oprah jargon provided free of charge for your reading pleasure...)

Okay. My personal advice for future flights...and this goes out to all of you: Pack lightly, IN A CARRY-ON. If you must check something, be sure to fill it with "special" vacation clothes, purchased at Goodwill. (You'll like the new look; trust me.) And don't forget to save your receipts!

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