Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Vocal Vocation

Matlock is giving us a break with the Saturday Centus prompt this week. It's refreshingly normal! (Which is probably why I couldn't resist adding my hundred words to take it an abnormal direction...) The prompt, as always, is in red.


A Vocal Vocation
©2011 Susan Noyes Anderson

I’d like to teach the world to sing,
but I’ve got two tin ears.
The only notes my voice can bring
are sharp or flat, mefears.

It’s not a thing that you can fake,
or I would surely do it.
What kind of songstress would I make
if no one could sit through it?

I guess that I could cater to
the tone deaf; that’s a thought.
But then I’d be creator
of a singer good for naught.

And yet, how pleasing it would be
to pick and choose at will
from students who were begging me
to teach ‘em how to trill.

Aha! A bolt from out the blue
has hit this songbird’s mind:
American Idol trainer. Whew.
For this, I was designed!

(the blind leading the blind)


I hope you'll all forgive me for using one verse too many this time. I couldn't quite make it to the punch line without that extra stanza. (And since I have a lesson to teach at church tomorrow, I didn't have time to start over.) Sorry!

Here's my little Mother's Day regift to all of you, especially my own mom. Happy Mother's Day!



Dazee Dreamer said...

love the kids singing the song. and a perfect poem. kudos

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Great job! Love the kids! Did you have to pay them?

You totally rocked the poem!

Grandma Honey said...

I can't sing either, but I have a real appreciate for music, and I know you do also.

Karen Mortensen said...

Very cute. Don't worry about your singing. I am sure it is better than my grandma's. It was a thing to hear.

Amanda said...

American Idol trainer

Oh yeah, me too, we could totally do this. :)

Nonna Beach said...

Brilliant and clever !!! ( so jealous, I sang the melody to your creation and it fit perfectly )

Ames said...

Very clever indeed! Sue you always manage to pop those poems off the top of your head. Very good!~Ames

Darlene said...

Funny thing about your poetry and some of your writing. Some people think it is autobiographical. I wish I could tell Karen M. that actually you have an exceptionally good ear, a little too good at times. As for your singing voice, it is good too and I love to hear you sing. That is why I find this whole thing very very funny, in a good way. I don't know where you got the music to go with this, but it is so natural. That is how our primary sounds all the time. It almost hurts to hear them when they perform for a Sacrament meeting. To make matters worse, the primary music person doesn't really know how to lead music or help them sound better. She just tells them to sing louder, so they end up singing as loud as they possibly can and it is almost painful. I must add though,that the gal that lead them before was REALLY good and those kids sounded so great! I thought these kids were fun to listen to and I am curious where you found that music.

As for those A.I. trainers, I know where you are coming from. Sometimes I want to scream when I hear their critique.

Jo said...

i join you in that whole inability to sing thing ... and great poem!!!

Christine said...

Funny, sometimes I mouth the words when we sing in church, they just play those songs WAY to high for me. Being an alto, I always sing with the men, when there are verses for men only. I'm a rebel that way.

Stacy Crawford said...

I love the poem. Do you think Coca-Cola would buy this one? Hmmm.

Connie said...

What a fun poem! Love the song!
This has made my day.

karen said...

Love the poem. The music... not so much. Where did you find that? Yikes it was painful!

ps - That is how my dad sings. Only worse.

Judie said...

Sue, you could always take up the drums! What a wonderful poem!!! said...

Oh, Sue, I admit I was so entertained by the singing that I didn't wholeheartedly attend to the words. I love it. It feels good to laugh like that. (When I sing, people nearby either tell me to shut-up or cover their ears with all their might.)
Be well.

Brian Miller said...

have fun teaching today...smiles at the verse...ears of tin? an AI teacher...nice...would not be hard with the crop they had this year.

happy mothers day!

jabblog said...

Everyone can sing - apparently - but it's a harder journey for some!

Darlene said...

I just re-read the beautiful poem that you wrote for me last Mother's Day. I absolutely love that poem and actually it is my favorite poem ever. (The one you wrote for me about our being together in the pre-existence runs a VERY close second. Actually, they are both so wonderful that it depends on which one I am reading that I love the best. They both make me cry, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy, so they are good tears. I have been reading my diary from 1981 and honestly Sue, we really do have a special bond. I am so grateful for that closeness that we share. You know me so very well and I think I have an extremely strong awareness of the depth of your whole being, as well. I love you so much and thank my Heavenly Father for sending you to me. When I needed you, you were truly there for me. I appreciate you more than I can say. Thanks again for just being you.

Darlene said...

Happy Mother's Day to a great Mom. I know why your kids love you so much and I just hope that this day will be one of joy for you. I wish that all of your children could be with you today, just as I wish all of mine could be with me. At least you have two that live close and I hope you will get to see both of them. I think they all know how lucky they are to have you for their Mother.

anitamombanita said...

haha.... how did you manage to record me singing all day yesterday? Cute.

anitamombanita said...

oh, and a very happy mom's day to you too, my friend!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I absolutely LOVED hearing the children singing.

And, I must say--that happens to be the best song ever. I loved your poem too, Sue. It made me smile!

Karen S. said...

Oh this is the poem you created for this! EXCELLENT!

cj Schlottman said...


My, this is beautiful! Your poem is, well, so You. I love it, and the song is so heartwarming. You are one talented gal!


RockiBottom said...

Now that was PERFECT!!! I really loved it, and as someone who is totally tone deaf I can relate

Jenny said...

How perfect! Totally love the humor and rhythm of this piece.

Did you try writing lyrics for the American Idol contest? I think it's still open!

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