Monday, November 9, 2009

A Bit of Good Old Americana Hits the Spot

Take a minute and give these young girls a listen, all the way through. (Their harmonies just keep getting better and better.) This one definitely got my patriotic juices flowing!

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I don't know about you, but this makes me feel not only more hopeful about our country and its future, but more hopeful about the rising generation in general. And the fact that the crowd is so silent and respectful just adds to my good feeling.

America is a good thing. (And most Americans ain't bad, either!)



Rebecca Talley said...

I posted this on my blog, too. They are amazing. I love this clip.

Amy said...

Wow, how beautiful! And what a great time of year to remember our patriotism! I guess most people only think of it mid summer. I am really glad for this reminder.

Karen Sue said...

I don't know how to post a video..guess I'll have to research that! But I think my aunt sent me this and I must have saved it on my work computer...that email said that 2 of these girls are 6, 2 are 7 and 1 is 8. Guess I missed my chance!! It is lovely! We had a little girl (2nd grade, I think) sing our National Anthem a few times last year at basketball games and then this summer at our songfest. The biggest problem at the Songfest was I didn't realize people couldn't see her because she was so short!! Adjustment for next year!!

Darlene said...

How neat it was to listen to their beautiful harmony. It is so nice to hear our wonderful anthem sung without a lot of slurs. Thanks for posting this one.

Sue said...

Karen Sue-

That's neat to hear their ages. Thanks. I wish the video had been taken with more close-ups on the girls individually. I had thought they were older, and their abilities seem even more cool now that I know their ages.

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