Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Donny Boy, the Fans, the Fans Are Calling

Oh, Donny Boy, the fans, the fans are calling...
From state to state, and down the mountain side.
The Kelly's gone, and Mya's star is dying.
'Tis they, 'tis they, must go and you must bide.

Did Donny-O deserve to win? Well, his dancing didn't, but he came on strong at the end...and he apparently has a fan base. A very BIG fan base, which kind of surprises me to tell the truth. After all these years, I mean.

Mya was the best dancer, and that's a fact. However, she was also the most trained person from the beginning (check out her dance videos), so maybe it's okay that she didn't take the trophy. Let's face it. For all intents and purposes, she was a professional dancer from the get-go. Mya could change careers and go the ballroom route tomorrow, but why would she? Her own gig is far more lucrative.

As for Kelly, she was my favorite. Not because of her dancing, I hasten to add, though it improved (with her confidence) to an amazing degree. She clearly had the ability to be better than good all along, but her anxieties got in the way. As an inveterate mother, I took great pleasure in seeing her grow, both on the show and in general.

But what really got me was her personality. That girl has some major charisma going on, and maybe now she knows it. I have a feeling hearing everyone in the audience chant "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly..." may have felt just as good as a mirror ball trophy in her hand. And it will certainly echo in her ears for years to come.

Anyway, this was an entertaining favorite so far. Popularity won out over talent, but I guess that's okay. After all, America is voting, right? Giles was the best dancer last season but come in second; Mario was the best in his season but came in second, and now Mya has topped her season and settled for second. I won't be losing any sleep over it.

I will say this, though. Since being the best dancer did not turn out to be the criteria for winning, I'm kinda sorry Kelly didn't take it. Not that I begrudge Donny his victory, because I really don't. After all, he was doing a show every night in Las Vegas and dancing by day...not easy! And I'm happy for his partner, Kym, who is more than deserving.

But I'll tell it like it is. That little Kelly simply won my heart.


karen said...

I KNOW - amazing charisma! I think everyone just fell in love with her. It sure seemed like the win meant a lot to Donny though so I was happy for him. What a trouper! And Mya was very very gracious. I was impressed with all of them. Very satisfying season. (And wasn't it hilarious that Joanna and Derek had to dance in the same sequence as Cloris Leachman and the Apple wierdo? HAH!)

RobinfromCA said...

I was happy Donny won. I agree that Mya should never have been there in the first place and Kelly did win our hearts (what a joy to see her blossom) but Donny worked so very hard and never took an attitude. For me, it was between him and Kelly and he was the better dancer of the two. I was shocked when he won over Mya but I think many people felt she started with an advantage. And to top the whole thing off they made Donny sing Puppy Love!

Momza said...

Your thoughts mirror mine exactly!
I'm happy that Donny won, and would have been just as happy if Kelly had won too.
Mya was the best dancer, but not alot of personality.
Kelly & her partner just touched my heart!

Joanna Krup had an interesting back story, but I was glad to see her go.

Darlene said...

Actually, it turned out just like I thought it would. I thought Mya should have won though, I hasten to add. Like everyone else, Kelly won both of our hearts. She should and most likely will make use of yer newly found popularity. I look forward to seeing her again....maybe on T.V. ot movies. I thought it was so neat that Louie was also so taken with her. Good season, altogether.

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