Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Jumpin' for Jeremiah B-Day Joy


We think you're terrific...

In lots and lots and lots of ways...

(Twenty, to be specific).

(And you're the greatest guy we know.)


You're so much fun

And really smart

You have a very tender heart

You love to write

You love to read

And as an actor, you're the lead

The ocean's quite

A friend to you

(Too bad the jellyfish are, too)

You run and jump

You even score!

You always make a splash...

Or more

Your little sister

And your bro

Think you're the coolest guy they know

To be your friend

Is lucky, too

You are a friend that's tried and true

Your crazy smile

And funny ways

Bring so much sunshine to our days

You like to learn

And love to teach

The whole, wide world

Is in your reach

You think a lot

You know what's true

You try to do what's right to do

You're way too interesting

To solve

Can't wait to see how you evolve

One thing's for sure

Your future's bright

So go on...take a great BIG bite

Of life and love

And pizza, too

No one deserves it

More than you!

with so much love
Grandma and Grandpa

P.S. Congratulations on getting baptized, Jeremiah. You make your grandma and grandpa very proud.

PPS. We'll be bringing your present with us on Wednesday!


VK said...

umWhat an adorable young boy. And so lucky to have a Grandma who loves him and is so willing to share that love.
BTW, at the temple when you waved to Marsha and I in the chapel, I thought, "Oh there's my good friend Sue." I feel like I know you quite well and I want you to know that I appreciate our little online friendship.

Em said...

i've decided that for my birthday, besides money, i would like a birthday shout out from sue;-) they're always so boosting!!!

Jill said...

I love how you put this together. They say pictures tell a story, and these certainly have. Cute boy!

Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Jerome!

karen said...

How awesome is Jeremiah? 8 year olds are the best - so enthusiastic! And he's lucky to have you for a grandma. I love your tradition of writing a birthday poem.

KC Mom said...

Best ever birthday tribute!! Happy Birthday to a loved boy!!

Karen said...

Sue you are AWESOME!!! The pictures are great.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I know I can count on you! :)

Darlene said...

Another winning birthday tribute. Great pictures, wonderful poem. Happy Birthday Jeremiah.

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