Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miss Molly and "A Good Grief" = Wonderful

A favorite blog of mine to visit is The Jackson Family. Miss Molly rules the roost over there, and she does a pretty wonderful job of telling her family's story while teaching all of us how to face tragedy with faith and courage. Every day she mourns the loss of her daughter, Lucy, and every day she finds a way to celebrate Lucy's life and remind her readers that Joy is always possible. Grace is always possible, too...and this young mother of two has plenty of it.

Now Molly has found another way to bless the lives of those who are fortunate enough to know her. Let me share with you some of her own words about A Good Grief (the brand new blog she has created), which is dedicated not only to those who grieve but to those who love and support them:

"Welcome to A Good Grief. I'm glad you found us. This site is designed to help us connect and share with one another-- to learn that we are not alone.

"I am excited about this website, excited about its potential to help.

"No mortal can take on the pain of another, but we can mourn together and in doing so strengthen each other to bear the burdens common to mortality. I hope that this site will be a way for you to connect with others, to find people that you can help and that can help you as well.

"Each week, we will be posting articles from various authors, those who have experienced grief in one form or another, as well as professionals. I hope these posts will spark questions and comments that will help you deal with your grief or better understand the grief of a loved one."

Pretty cool idea, huh? Thanks, Molly. I always admire people who realize they have a work to do and then just get out there and do it. You are one great woman!


PS. And she's a really great blogger, too, so check out both of her blogs. You won't be sorry.


Katie Blacker said...

cool - i love hearing about new inspiring blogs to read. so, thanks.

Carolyn said...

I'm on my way. Sounds great.

Jill said...

Oh Sue. I just went to that blog and I am just in awe of this family. What pain they have experienced. What pain they are continuing to experience. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Michelle said...

Thanks Sue. I'll head right over there!

KC Mom said...

Thanks for sharing these blogs with us. I spent some time over there this morning. I still can't get over the impact that blogs make in my life. I know I have been edified and strengthened by these blogs this morning. I want to spend this day not taking anything for granted. I'm glad that those who are grieving are finding ways to help others who are grieving. Beautiful.

Em said...

amazing woman.

Miss Molly said...

Thanks, Sue!!!!!!!!! We've received several donations and I can't wait to make write our first check to a family for Christmas.

You're a gem!

karen said...

I've just spend the better part of an hour reading (quickly) over both of the blogs. And I'm hooked. Thanks for the suggestion - I have a feeling I'll learn some good things.

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