Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? Nope, but THEY can!

Mixed reviews from me for last night's SYTYCD show. On the down side, having four of the nine dances be of the ballroom variety didn't thrill me. (Dancing with the Stars fatigue, perhaps?) Granted, the waltz and disco were enjoyable, but not one of those styles can pack the same punch as the jazz, contemporary, and hip hop numbers do. (Though last night, the two hip hop offerings seemed a bit lacking.)

Question: Was the hip hop letdown attributable to the choreographer or the dancers? The jury's still out on that one.

On the plus side, and in no particular order, I absolutely loved these four couples: Melissa & Ade (jazz), Max & Kayla (pop jazz), Jonathan & Karla (contemporary), and Brandon & Janette (disco). Yes, I even liked the disco...but under duress. Kayla (the nordic beauty) and Melissa (the sassy ballerina) are probably my favorite girls right now, though Karla (the cute Filipina) did a great job last night, too. None of the guys has really rocked my world yet, though Ade is Lil C's pick for now.

I must say that I get a kick out of Lil C with his strenuously alliterative commentaries and studied word selection. I do NOT get a kick out of Mary's screaming, which was somewhat amusing in past years but has escalated exponentially to a level that is both thoroughly annoying and borderline alarming. Methinks her hot tamale train may have run off its tracks. (Note that Nigel has taken to wearing Bose headphones to drown out the noise.) Would that we all had a pair with which to protect ourselves! *sigh*

Having said that, I still love the show and can't wait to see all the great routines these amazing choreographers will come up with in weeks to come. And I am completely enamored of Cat Deeley, the hostess with the mostest. The way she hugs all those sweaty dancers week after week (with affection and without flinching), is beyond cool. And her accent ain't bad, either!


Kristin said...

I DO love Shane Sparks, the choreographer. In past seasons, he's done some of my favorite dances and he did that amazing group hip-hop routine last week. That said: it must be the dancers. I don't think that Kaitlyn or Apono (?) can do hip hop, but their partners, Ashley and Jason, were pretty good. Too bad they weren't partners!

Fiauna said...

What was it that Lil' C said last night? Something like, " Lack of confidence is the greatest anchor to your creativity and art." Loved that.

Natalie said...

I have to tell you, I am so thankful for your recaps because sometimes I just can't watch. Why? That chick's voice and incessant screaming just ruin it for me. I really, really love the dancing...maybe I'll just have to keep my finger on the mute button?

karen said...

Can someone tell me when it's on? I never think to watch it, and then everyone is talking about it.

Heather Anderson said...

I would like to cut off one of those screams with a sniper rifle, know what I'm sayin'?


Katie Blacker said...

i love me some SYTYCD! and I'm with you about Cat Deeley. girl crush.

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