Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breaking Up (and out) Is Hard to Do: A Disproportionately Desperate Plea for Trivial Advice

This may sound trivial (and in the grand scheme of things undoubtedly is), but it's important enough to me that I'm dedicating an entire post to asking your advice. I do apologize in advance for serving myself more than my readers today, and I sincerely thank every person who not only reads this but shares their suggestions/experience with me. Anyway, here it comes..........so brace yourselves.

The skin care line I've been using for 20 years has been discontinued, and I seriously don't know what I'm going to do. (Ya gotta be kidding, right?) But no. I'm NOT kidding! (she reveals shamefacedly superficially seriously) The reason it's such a big deal? Because, before I found it, every single product I used on my face either gave me acne or made me allergic. Which is why I'm appealing to all of you for help.

Until now, I have loved using Principal Secret products, which will no longer be sold in the "original formula" that agreed with my skin so well. I've already learned the hard way that my skin reacts to the "advanced formula,"  as well as to their newest line, which contains an ingredient that swells your skin just enough to make it look less wrinkly. A lot of products have that stuff in them these days. Needless to say, I am allergic to the new, improved and (no doubt) groundbreaking skin-swelling lotions and creams.

So here's my question. Does anyone have a hypo-allergenic, mild, non-skin-swelling, moisturizing-but-not-overly-so type of skin care they swear by? Because I am going to have to try something new, and I am dreading it more than I can say. I had a little of my old Principal Secret stockpiled, but I'm on the last tube of eye gel and face wash, with only one extra jar of the moisturizer left. In other words, I am going to have to quit stalling and figure out what to do.

I don't even wear make-up, which makes the whole skin-care thing that much more of an issue. Also, my skin is becoming drier by the minute, so I do need a good moisturizer. (Too heavy a moisturizer, however, makes my face break out like crazy...even at 57.) And pretty much anything with a scent causes me problems. 

Excuse me just a minute, would you? Oh, heartless and cruel Principal Secret lab technicians lab rats formula formulators...How could you let me down after all these years together? How sharper than a serpent's tooth and such. Thanks. I needed that.

So there it is, sistahs. I've bared my soul. And my skin. Counsel me, o wise ones. I am all ears...and rapidly deteriorating facial epidermis.  =)

Growing Old Gracefully

“You’re growing old so gracefully,”
is what I’m often told.
Is that a compliment?
Should I be proud, or just consoled?

Do wrinkles glide across my face?
Can old bones creak with style?
Are aching joints more pleasing when
you bend them with a smile?

If silver hair distinguishes and
bifocals refine, then
I am truly elegant, 
for both of these are mine.

I’m pleased that most observers find
my aging done with grace,
but I would gladly be more gauche
if that would slow the pace!


Momza said...

I've been using CLINIQUE products for 20 years.
I love their moisturizer.
Last year I started using BARE MINERALS for makeup and like that okay--but I think once that runs out, I may go back to the liquid makeup by Clinique.
Funny how we get so attached to our makeup...creatures of habit that we are!

K2cole said...

So sad! I feel your pain I am on the 'hunt' too after nivea discontinued my fav skin creme - no sucess yet.

Good Luck! :)


KC Mom said...

First of all..I think you ought to contact Principals Secret and ask them what brand is similar to theirs or who they recommend. A lot of these companies use very similar formulas made at one location and then package them differently for the different brands. It could be there is a "knock off" or another brand with a very similar formula.
Also, I just started using Arbonne. I felt like I needed a grown up skin care now that I'm getting older...yikes...did I just say that?
I have had no reaction at all to it...it is VERY mild. The moisterizers tend to be on the slightly heavy side but my skin has never looked better.
It may be worth a try!

em said...

well, i use the elizabeth arden formula they sell at costco. i don't wear make up on most days. it does leave my face a bit shiny by the end of the day, but i loved it. it's a pretty good price, but when it is on costco passport it's even better. you can get two things for $39 regularly or on sale for about $30. i also used clinique for a long time, but now that i use proactive i like to use a the thicker facial cream. i'm sure they have one, but i'm always at costco so i buy it instead:-) i loathe when my favorite products are discontinued!!! i still haven't gotten over my old blush "brava" color from stila. they discontinued it. i cried. true story.

The One and Only said...

I like Aveeno products and the old stand by, Oil of Olay. Best of luck in your search for miracles in a jar. Let me know what you find.

Fiauna said...

I haven't found a magic formula for my skin. So, sadly, I can offer no recommendations. You're very blessed to not need make-up, though.

Natalie said...

I think Arbonne would be worth a shot. Also, BioTherm would be worth a try. Good Luck in your search!

And please dear Sue, never apologize for this kind of post...I don't think it's all that trivial actually!

Natalie said...

Just added your button! :)

Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

Hi Sue,

I stumbled on your blog via Segullah. I'm so sorry to hear about the product cancellation!

I agree with KC Mom's suggestion to contact Principals Secret. You may also want to keep the packaging until you find something that works for you, to remember what ingredients are on the "good" list. As you get ready to try new products, consider buying from stores with return policies--the kind that will let you bring back products after you've tried them. That way, you aren't stuck with a whole bottle of something disagreeable. Unless, of course, you can find samples of the product you want to try. :)

Lisa said...

these types of blogs are great... that way you get to know by experience what products are good! I'm still trying to find a good moisturizer for sensitive "old" skin.

karen said...

I agree that Arbonne and Biotherm are good products, and mild. Aveeno may be something to try as well. I have this wonderful oil I use. (Really! Oil!) It is completely pure, made by Eve Taylor. There are several formulations - I use the Sensitive Skin one. It was recommended by a facialist. (I am a skin care geek). It only takes one small squirt, and I put some under my eyes and then rub it into my hands and just "pat" it on. Otherwise it's too oily. The residue I use on my neck and chest. I also use moisturizer by Caudalie, but you may not need anything else. If you want to try it, I can let you know where to get it. E-mail me.

Amber said...

Hi :) Arbonne is defintely what you need to try out. I've been a rep for 7 years and would never let anything else touch my skin... It's the best!! Anyhow contact me if you'd like to know more.
ramber2@att.net or 916 663-6683. I can send you a sample. ♥ Amber

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