Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Marvelous, Magical Kindle

What is the best birthday present I've ever received? Hands down, my kindle. I was already halfway in love with this contraption, but now that I'm on vacation, our relationship has moved from a medium-sized flirtation to a full-blown romance.

So far, I've had a date every night with this quietly attractive teller of tales. (Scheherazade had nothin' on this baby!) I loaded up 12 Georgette Heyer books on it before I left for Yosemite, and I've barely put a dent in them. And all in one paperback-sized, lightweight, leather-covered (an extra I couldn't resist) package. No wonder I'm in love.

If you're an avid reader who can never carry enough books to keep you occupied for an entire vacation (or even a weekend at home), I highly recommend that you consider a kindle. It's the handiest gadget I've come across since my iPod, and I think we are going to be friends forever.

Friends with privileges, that is.


PS. I had some great photos for you today from national park no. 2, but the internet signal is so dead here that it would have taken me approximately half of my life to upload them. That's why I decided to wait till I reach tomorrow's destination and lay 'em on you then.


Heather Anderson said...

Glad you are enjoying your bday gift! Can't wait for the photos:)

Heather Anderson said...

Friends with privileges? I must admit that I am a little concerned. Just what does that kindle do?


Natalie said...

This is very interesting to me because I love the feel of a book in my hands. The smell, the dog-eared pages, etc. Just everything about the way it feels.
Do you miss those things at all? Let me know because this has been the only thing keeping me from beginning my own love affair with Kindle. ;)

Natalie said...

Ok, I can't's not the ONLY thing. I am a little weird when it comes to the hottest trends (whether it's a tech gadget, book, movie...doesn't matter). I feel like I have to wait a year or more before I can get into whatever it it. For example...still haven't read or watched DaVinci Code....just because everyone thinks I should. I know it's ridiculous, I'm sure to be missing out on fantastic stuff! As I write this, I'm realizing I'm proud...I like feeling as though I'm "above" the hooplah of things that everyone else jumps to praise.

Oh my gosh, I feel sick right now!!! I need to change my wicked ways...this is completely embarrassing! SHAME ON ME!!!

So should my first step to ridding myself of such disgusting pride be to purchase Kindle????

Sue said...

Natalie- I do agree that there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hands. And I love the smell and feel of a book, too...and am quite addicted to libraries in general, but a Kindle is just another jewel in the literary crown as far as I can see. Having an iPod doesn't make me less committed to live music, when I can get it. And the real thing is always best. But what I like about a kindle is that i can carry so many books with me at one time. (It will hold 1500). Also, I can get books for less than half the price. What's more, I can find out of print books and download them with just a flick of the finger. Believe me, I am in no way a techy...quite the opposite, but I do love this Kindle. However, I did not get the new one, which is too large for my liking. I got the Kindle 2 and would not recommend the large one for someone who is just wanting to read and have it feel as much like a regular book as possible. (I guess the large, new size is better for the size accommodates spread sheets better, etc.)

Sue said...


I just thought of a better way to explain it. I will always have my own, real library of favorite books. I do need the "real thing." But the Kindle is like my portable library. The one I can take with me wherever I go...and easily...1500 books worth!


Fiauna said...

You like the kindle, huh. I really like a book with a cover and pages. But, I can see the benefits of the kindle. Hmmm.

Valerie said...

I was just looking at one of those earlier this morning at a book store. I'm going to have to research it a little! lol

I was stopping by to welcome you to SITS! I know your going to enjoy our community of bloggers!

karen said...

I've heard of Kindle, but never really knew what it was. Now I know, and it sounds amazing. I'm always lugging books with me on vacation, or buying them in the airport. This could solve those problems, and also give me something to say when anyone asks me what I want for my birthday, or Christmas. (Oooops - sorry - didn't mean to say the "C" word so early in the year...)

em said...

sue, i just can't do it! i love the smell of the pages too much. i'm glad you enjoy it though!!! i would be nice to have any book at your finger tips, but there's just something about purrosing (sp?) a book store, taking in the smell, mmmmm, too many memories of childhood. so lovely:-) i do buy most of them on amazon now, but i still take brennan to the book store to look at them all and make a list of what i'll be shopping for online;-)

Aubrey said...

Every time I go with my hubby to his fave electronics store, I have to look at this! I'm tempted!!

Coming by from SITS! Welcome!

Mamarazzi said...

sooooooo JEALOUS!! seriously i want one of those fabulous little kindles sooooo bad!!

I am here to welcome you to SITS (I know I am late, but we like to spread out the L-O-V-E)! You are going to love this community of amazing women, the SITStahood rocks!

Come by my blog Dandelion Wishes and say hello. And if you like follow me...I do a monthly drawing for fun prizes EXCLUSIVLEY from my list of followers...JUST for following, cool right?

Nikki Nichols said...

That is so funny, My friend just had to go through all her Dads boxes that are packed away in storage just to find his Kindle so she could send it to him in Zambia! He is obsessed with it!

Kristin said...

Totally jealous.

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