Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Message to Self: Snap Out of It!

Ever just wake up on the wrong side of the bed? That's me. Today. And I don't like it. 

Which is why I've decided to use my daily blogging habit to blast myself out of feeling like the whole world and life in general are conspiring against me. Because they aren't, you know. 

And I know it, too. I'm just not in touch with that information at the moment. But I will be...because I have a secret strategy. It's called the "Get-up-off-your-sorry-behind-and-snap-out-of-it, let-the-positive-messages-in-your-life-speak-to-you-(after-all-you-chose-them) home tour." I have taken the tour before, but occasionally a refresher is needed.

Here goes:

Some friends love you the best in life and some love you the worst;
but no one loves you near as well as those who loved you first.
Note to self: Remember, you are not yet as Job (not even close!).

The little boat of you and me went sailing on the deep blue sea.
We weathered winds and crashing waves, and we were strong and true and brave.
And we were still in love, so we kept sailing on the deep blue sea...
The little boat of you and me.
And the really important things in life are still in place.

Two lines of one couplet...same rhythm, same rhyme.
Sisters, bound in love, through the pages of time.
And ever constant...

With plenty of sweet reminders that life is always good,
Even on those days when it doesn't quite feel like it...

Those gloomy days,

When the ones you love seem farther away than you wish they were.

Those days when you need to remember that angels really do come
When they're needed.

A very good friend proved it when she gave me this bag thinking that was the one who had helped her.
(She only got that half right, I think.)

Yep. Love is all around us.
 And all I really need to do is take time to Be Still and Know that.

Because I do know that, for certain.
Faith gives us an anchor in a raging sea, 
calm in the midst of chaos,
vision to know right from wrong,
and the courage to express it.

Of course, I'm still learning.
And that's okay.

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse.
"You become. It takes a long time..."
That's why it's always good to remember that...

Winter, spring, summer or fall...I've got a Friend. Lots of them, actually.
(Some of them are right here, reading this blog.)

The good news is that...
Little by little, life goes by.
Short if you sing, long if you cry.
Note by note, life's music plays on...
Songs ever changing, but never gone.

And that's ever so true,
Because believing in yourself (and other happy things)

Can really help you rise above the blues
And keep your chin up through adversity.

What's more, comfort is always available, if you know where to look for it...
Out of the dreariness into its cheeriness,
come we, in weariness, HOME!

...Never forgetting to make 
A safe place for others, too.

And always, always remembering to keep
Your sense of humor.

To say nothing of
Your sense of wonder.

And your appreciation for 
Precious things...

Made precious largely by the people around you,
Who give and receive them on a daily basis.

It helps a whole lot to remember
That other things (and places) are sacred, too.

Like sharing your talents and knowing they are making a difference for others,
Which makes an even bigger difference for you.

Always remembering, every day and in every way
That joy is yours for the taking, if you choose it.

And I do!

Of course, some days are easier than others.  =)

So ends the self-addressed "Get-up-off-your-sorry-behind-and-snap-out-of-it, let-the-positive-messages-in-your-life-speak-to-you-(after-all-you-chose-them) home tour." Hey, I feel better! 

What method(s) do you like to use to chase away those sneaky blues?


karen said...

I like being creative - usually painting. I like music, especially when its joyous and tied to happy thoughts and memories. I like baking. I can eat some, and give some away. I like having a cozy chat with my husband. He can always make me laugh. I like coming home from work - that usually cures ANY bad day! And if all else fails, give myself a nice facial and curl up with a book!

NBlake said...

Well, So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight, and that always makes a dull day a little more fun.

Also, I always enjoy calling my sister... and having her call me. (smile)

em said...

look at all of your lovely things! i am wondering what i would put up...almost all of last weekend i was in a crazy state of weird emotionally. i felt like i was on my way to crazy town. thankfully, tuesday came and that brought some swimming. it cleared my brain right up.

Jill said...

What a cute post! I love the way you went around the house reminding yourself of your blessings. I ought to do that. My favorite is "I am still learning." :)

Heather Anderson said...

I love that your home is full of great quotes and family photos. You really have created a beautiful space for you and your family. Hope it cheers you up:) HUGS!

Becky said...

I use chocolate but I like your pick me up just as much. What a fun tour

Natalie said...

I'm sorry you have those sneaky, pesky blues!!! I'm thinking of you and sending some love your way!

Thanks for the tour, I love your quotes.

KC Mom said...

What a beautiful must have taken you forever. And I'll bet you feel a lot better too.
I REALLY need that pillow...for EVERY day. ♥

Kristin said...

Thanks... I needed that! I definitely woke up a little down today (see my blog post... haha) but I just need to remember that things are basically GOOD!

Lisa Loo said...

I always say I am a chemically balanced woman--and thats okay. My mantra. Your walls and spaces in your home must be just lovely--the one of the pioneers in the snow with the angels is one of my ALL time fav's. Since I am late to comment--glad you are feeling more up.

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