Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Playlist and So You Think You Can Dance

Here is the summer playlist, all 16 songs! (SYTYCD faves are at the end of this post.)

Be sure to scroll down and click off my red (blog) playlist in the right-hand column so you can hear the purple (summer) one here. Then just click on whichever summer song you want to hear (or listen to all of them, if you like!). The last two tunes (posted separately at the bottom) weren't available at, so you'll need to click on them individually. ENJOY!!

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C Moon - Paul McCartney

Two Birds - G. Love

As far as So You Think You Can Dance goes, my top three favorites yesterday were:

1. Evan and Randi for their Mia Michaels contemporary, tied with Kupono and Kayla for their waltz

2. Janette and Brandon for their hip hop, and

3. Ade and Melissa for their rhumba.



karen said...

I LOVED that Mia Michaels dance AND the waltz. They appeared weightless in the waltz - so beautiful. And the Mia Michales number made them look like they had no bones - such a cool dance!

Jill said...

You've got some great music here. Now if I can only figure out to load it on my IPOD.

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