Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Governor Palin

Well, following my borderline rabid post earlier about McCain's choice of running mate, I now make this comment: Governor Palin just took the first step (a fairly decent one, I might add) toward winning me over. 

Without going into detail, I liked most of what she had to say tonight, and I liked the way she said it. She seems to be a go-getter who has already brought about some important changes in her state. Pretty impressive, but I still need to know more.

So far, so good. 



Heather Anderson said...

I don't know I think she should spend more time at home she did chose to have 5 kids maybe she needs to focus on them a little more

Sue said...

I've heard a lot of people, especially women, express the same view about Sarah Palin, Heather.

My own take on it is this: If I were the mother of five children and had to work, I wouldn't work as extensively as Palin obviously does. In her favor, I suspect that the whole political thing wasn't entirely planned, at least in the early stages. It sounds as if she started out being a city councilwoman and the whole thing kinda snowballed. I can relate to finding it hard to put on the brakes when unexpected opportunities arise, but I hope I would have drawn the line and focused on my children at some point. Having said that, since she's already in the running (and has clearly made her own decisions about being a mayor and governor), I'm just concentrating on deciding whether I like her politics.

One thing's for sure...Anyone who's voting for McCain for president needs to think even more seriously than usual about the possibility that his VP could succeed him in the event of his illness or death. Hate to say it, but we all know that the presidency is very stressful and ages people quickly. We've seen it in every president to date. Starting out as a 72-year-old, no matter how good McCain's genes might be, is going to be very taxing. Anyway, my point is...I'm trying to figure out if I can live with voting the McCain/Palin ticket in, knowing that Palin could definitely end up as president. I'm still not sure about that, by the way. I am really looking forward to the debates, and I wish they were having town hall meetings, too, a forum I prefer. But apparently Obama objects.

Ah least this election's not boring!

Laura said...

I have to agree she won me over quite a bit on the speech. There is still a lot ahead. She still has a lot to prove.

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