Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Matters: On Making a Photo Wall

How cool is this? I'm making a family photo wall, and it's fun! It would be even more fun if I could find the box of pictures from my childhood that my husband has put somewhere for "safekeeping." Ah well, I'm sure it'll turn up...hopefully tomorrow when he's actually home to search.

I have managed to find great pics of my kids at various ages/stages of growing up, along with quite a few shots of Dave and me over the years, including before we were married, during our wedding reception, and as young parents. (Did we really look that good?...or is it just that we look "not that good" now??) If you know us, be kind. Don't answer!

Anyway, what's really working for me is the assortment of all different shapes, sizes, and colors of frames against the antique white wall. I also like that the frames are made of varied materials, from metal to plastic (that doesn't look like plastic) to woods with various stains. It's also cool that there are photos from 1908 and photos from 2008, which makes for a really interesting look.

I must admit it's a bit hard to arrange them properly. I've moved several frames more than once in an attempt to make the basic symmetry my soul requires look as asymmetrical as possible. Amazingly, I think it's sorta working!

Above the pictures, I plan to hang a long wooden sign with a couplet about families carved into it. So far I'm liking this: "Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall ~ Family Matters Most of All." But I still have to sleep on it.


Kristin said...

These look great! I'm very impressed.

Sue said...

Thanks, Kristin. I think it'll look pretty good. (But I am never very confident in this arena, for obvious reasons to those who know me best.)

Heather Anderson said...

Looks good and I like the picture of the pictures too... you should feel confident as your project not only looks great but the whole idea behind it is cool too.

Sue said...

Today I was talking to Matt on the phone, and he pointed out that Kristin apparently thinks the picture on this post is an actual one, taken by me, of my photo wall! (I thought she was just impressed with my idea...It never occurred to me that somebody could actually think I took such an artsy photograph!!) Sorry to let you down, Kris. No such luck. My wall, however, does look very similar to this one... =)

Lydia said...

No wonder you got obsessed with your photo wall project! I can completely understand and I'll bet it looks fabulous. Thanks so much for the use of your poems and I'll be in touch!

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