Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Cool" service project

We did a pretty neat service project tonight at Relief Society. Some of us made camo-colored neck scarves with cooling beads in them for the marines. (I like to cool off that way myself, except that I use a gel pack wrapped in a dish towel. A GREAT look, as those who know me can attest...) Okay, maybe not.

The rest of us made a bunch of special occasion greeting cards for the soldiers to send their friends and families. Who needs Hallmark when you have the Relief Society? Now the troops will be able to go find what they need in our upscale card selection, packed in cardboard boxes for their "shopping" pleasure. (Admittedly, the ones I glued looked a little less upscale than most, but hey, I did my part, right?)

Anyway, it was cool to actually do something (anything!) for these guys and girls that work so hard for us. I was especially excited about the neck scarves, which I think will be very much appreciated in the 130-degree weather. (Yep, that's how hot it is in Iraq right now. 130 degrees! Can you imagine?) And with all that gear on, it must be waaaaay more than stifling.

So kudos to everyone involved in the planning. It was a good time...and a good idea!


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