Friday, April 7, 2017

The Path of Peace

©2017 Susan Noyes Anderson

I love those peaceful moments of the heart
when mind and spirit finally run free,
the fleeting moments, seldom set apart,
when every soul is stilled to breathe, to be.

The quiet morning, jeweled in drops of dew,
the dusk as sunset colors fade to gray,
the mountaintop with wildflower view,
the friendly clouds to float each fear away.

A white dove calls; an eagle takes the sky.
A raindrop freshens bits of budding spring.
The redwood tree sends branches reaching high.
Soft sweetgrass waves its welcome, beckoning.

Across the earth, the beauty is profound:
serenity and nature, hand in hand.
The senses rise in sight and scent and sound,
collecting peace from grove to sea to sand.

And yet, absent the grace and power of God,
no wave would crest, no blossom bless the air.
It is His path of peace that all must trod,
and He waits patiently to lead us there.

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LeAnn said...

Sue, that is a very touching poem. I related to every sentence of it. I wish at times I was back in Spokane Washington experiencing the nature that was right in my backyard. I could step outside and feel the peace. Here not so much; unless I really look for it. Heavenly Father wants us to recognize His creations and in doing so we do find peace. Another lovely poem from you; amazing!
Thanks for updating me on your Mom. Have a fun celebration for her Birthday.
Blessings and hugs!

Frank Hubeny said...

I enjoyed the sound of your poem and the positive message of praise.

brudberg said...

Love the cadence, almost meant to be sung I think... like a hymn.

Grace said...

Indeed He does ~ THis is my favorite part Sue:

Across the earth, the beauty is profound:
serenity and nature, hand in hand.

Lovely share ~

indybev said...

A peace and serenity permeates this poem. Well written!

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