Friday, June 8, 2012

Sue's Muse

Sue's Muse

I received quite a few private emails about yesterday's post, an old poem of mine entitled Cocooned, and I thank everyone for their interest in both me and the subject matter. Sad stuff is not the usual Sue's News fare, and I expect readers are used to coming away with a more upbeat feeling from my offerings.

The good news is that I am not in the midst of a life crisis (though I may well have been ten years ago, when the sonnet was written). In fact, Dave is retiring in three weeks, one of my sons will be spending eight weeks at home this summer, and another is visiting for the weekend. Credence Clearwater Revival and Three Dog Night are on the agenda for tonight (an outdoor concert), a BBQ is planned for tomorrow, the beach trip will be in full swing next month, and a grandchild's baptism is on the horizon. All is well in my world. And I hope it stays that way for a while!

Of course, me being me, I wound up spending large portions of yesterday musing about my creativity and where it takes me. It's true that I frequently write to inspire myself and others (partly because this blog is meant to be a legacy of thought for my progeny but also because I like to encourage people) so it's not surprising that yesterday's post would seem like a bit of a departure. Having said that, I am the most realistic of optimists, and I do like to get down and dirty now and again. The feeling of hopelessness is not one with which I am unfamiliar, and strong feelings never fail to inspire me. In fact, words and lines flow most freely when I am inhabiting either end of the emotional spectrum: the more extreme, the more easily expressed. For this writer and (I believe) most others, deep feelings fuel the fine frenzy that is writing.

Just as self-absorbed posts (this one, for instance) fuel fierce, fervent fits of f-related alliteration.



Grandma Honey said...

I think you have a good balance on your blog. I appreciate the honesty and I do like reading the heavy stuff along with the lighter. That's just how life is.

I'm hoping you will have some posts in the future about Dave's retirement. It's going to be an adjustment especially at first. But also, what a very wonderful time of life.

Terra said...

I like visiting your blog, and find it balanced. Congrats to Dave on his retirement, as a new retiree I highly recommend it. Your summer sounds full of upbeat activities.

karen said...

I didn't know that it was an old poem (guess I didn't notice the date?) but I figured it was about something that happened awhile ago. Because I know that in the here and now you have a lot to be happy about! Now that I'm hearing about the outdoor concert, I realize there's even more! But you're right - we all experience both ends of the emotion spectrum, so actually it's good to know that you're human and real, like the rest of us. But I already knew that - it's why I love you so!

yaya said...

So much little what..just enjoy! Sounds like a wonderful time is going to be had. Wish I could be there too...sigh..But then I'd miss the heat and humidity that I think is heading our way. That would be tragic! (note sarcasm)

jen said...

I just love you, Sue. Wish I could express it better than that.

Stef said...

I agree with Terra. Yours is always a coming home. Thanks! Enjoy your weekend!

Ames said...

I think yesterday's post keeps it real.~Ames

Caroline said...

Sue, I know exactly what you mean.

Also, I would like to add that the other night while my six year old daughter was reading her Toddler Bible in bed, she reached the section of her bible where Christ was crucified. The illustrations depicted in her Bible were dark and somber. The note for the parents at the end of this section instructed us to draw a heart in black with the child next to a cross then to draw on a separate piece of paper a heart that was white next to the cross. The activity was supposed to demonstrate to children how Christ's sacrifice for us made our hearts clean (thus the white heart).
I had trouble with this activity because, although I wanted SO much for my daughter to understand the importance of this part of our faith, I was reluctant to discuss something dealing with death and suffering with her. To my surprise, she absorbed every morsel of the lesson with a spiritual wisdom I can only say came directly from Christ.

So, I think my point here is this: not everything GOOD or important that we go through is upbeat. Some important lessons ARE hard and painful. Christ's suffering was hard and painful. But it was real.

I enjoyed your Cacooned poem very much and your honesty.
Sorry for the long comment. I just felt compelled to say--from one artist to another--that I know what you mean!

Love, Caroline

Terra said...

you know sue it is funny, I did not assume that poem was about you currently - While I wasn't sure if was you past or someone else that fueled that powerful writing somehow I knew you were ok! I love how you write, why you write and what you write no matter when or what about! Thanks for sharing!

PS- there is another TERRA on here...that is flat out just in case you were wondering...I am from the oak tree!

Annmarie Pipa said...

sounds like a lot of fun at your place!!! enjoy the weekend!!

Eva Gallant said...

So now Dave will be "wrestling with retirement!" Congrats! and it sounds like you have some fun in your immediate future! Enjoy.

Darlene said...

Yes, it is going to be a very busy summer. There will be something doing every month until school starts again. I think it is good to be busy though. If I kept looking ahead I think I would wonder how I can make it all happen, but I find that if I just take it one day at a time, I manage to do pretty well. I think maybe I am putting to much on you to even consider doing soemthing for our 40th anniversary. Perhaps we should just spend it by ourselves. Everyone seems to be so busy this summer.

Dave will still find plenty to do. Being Bishop of the young single adults is a VERY BUSY calling. I don't think he will be wondering what to do with his time.

Brian Miller said... know, you got to get into the grit every once in a def shows a balanced write...though i probably swing pretty heavy to both light and dark...smiles.

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