Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robins, Robins Everywhere!

Robins are good visitors.

They rarely overstay.

They're thoughtful from the time they come

Until they fly away.


Okay, okay, I admit these photos of mine don't quite measure up to Heather's (see photo session/wall art giveaway post), but I did want to try and capture for your viewing pleasure a small glimpse of what I've been experiencing in my front yard.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in the bird world, but we've had 50 or so robins flitting around our house for a couple of days now. In fact, if I were any kind of photographer, I'd be posting an Audubon-esque pic of at least 20 of these beautiful birds in one group, perched on red-tipped bushes and merrily eating everything they could get their beaks on. No such luck, though. I missed the shot. At one point, they all got spooked and flew away together in numbers greater than I'd realized initially. (Yep, some were hidden inside the hedge). You guessed it. I missed that shot, too.

And it would have been epic.


So, absent visual documentation, all I can do is assure you that the view from my front window has been spectacular. What's more, listening to my robinish friends sing has lifted my spirits, which have been a little on the droopy side lately due to a plethora of not really earth-shattering but still somewhat troubling family concerns that are entirely too "not about me" to mention here.

My point? Robins rock.

tweet, tweet


Katie Blacker said...

i think you got some great shots! Im super excited for heather and her business!

Jill said...

Robin's are gorgeous birds! They remind me of my sister and my niece, who are both named Robin. Amazing you were able to capture it in your yard. They are usually very camera shy, as are all birds.

Momza said...

Robins='s still snowing here, but I'm with you--I love it when robins appear. They are the happiest little birds. And aren't their little blue eggs just sweetness for the eyes?

Just ME the MOM said...

I've had an abundance of birds lately also. I love 'em! Usually I feed them with several birdseed feeders, but I've been a slacker this winter and have neglected to put out the seed. Maybe that's why their hanging around . . .

I'm off to the store for the seed (feeling toooo guilty now :)


Jess said...

That action shot was a really good one, the wings look so cool. That many robins can only mean that spring is coming to your house soon, I love those little birds and their pretty eggs, and I really love that there is a crayon named for them

Darlene said...

With a name like ours, why wouldn't we love robins. I think they were trying to get some nice juicy worms that are close to the surface when it has been raining. Aside from that, I really do love robins and always have. I also hope they are a sign of an early spring, I am hating this weather.

I also love the beautiful front yard and those pictures are wonderful. Maybe you and Heather should hang out a double shingle for photography too. I love it that you are taking so many pictures. Take more!!

Em said...

that first picture of the bird flying in is SO RAD!!!!! i remember the birds would always come out in huge masses when it would rain in half moon bay. it was always scary at school when all of the seaguls would fly over head. someone was bound to get pooped on. it happened to my backpack once. mortifying for a 12 yr old.

karen said...

We don't get a lot of robins down here - they're really pretty! We do, however, have lots and lots of hummingbirds in the trees behind us and I love to watch them at dusk as they fly all over. So delicate and pretty. I haven't been able to get a good picture of them though - birds move so fast!

KC Mom said...

We've seen a lot of birds lately too. I don't know what they are...but I think they are excited for spring and since there is no where to go...they are living in our rafters.

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