Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brett Dennen New Year's Eve Rocks!

Fox Theater in Oakland was just my style last night.

In fact, this place is as cool as it gets.

Even the walls and ceiling are cool.

Or maybe I should say "especially" the walls and ceiling.

And the stage was cool, too.

One thing was not cool. This group, Sambala.
(Gave me a headache, and the bishop got one, too.)

This group, ALO, did NOT give headaches.
(not even close)

And Mr. Dennen's soulful singing offered
the opposite of a headache.

Yes folks, he sings...

He dances...

Dude even plays the harmonica.

Happy New Year, gang! Let's make it a good one.


karen said...

Happy New Year Sue! Let's make it a good one. Thanks for your encouraging words - it helps to know someone who understands the wierdness that is me. Really - we need to have a day at some point in 2010.

KC Mom said...

Gosh, that looks like fun! The theater is beautiful! I'm so glad to see that someone had a great New Year's eve. We've become such bums and sit at home. We're usually in bed by 10:30!

Sue said...

We usually stay home for New Year's Eve, but our son got tickets for us to go to this concert. We love Brett Dennen, so we went. And it was fun.

Next year, though, we plan to go back to our usual quiet evening. It seems a little more special that way.


JustMEtheMOM said...

What a nice way to spend the evening! Best wishes for a wonderful new year.



Nikia, May and da kids said...

That theater is cool!
Looks like you enjoyed most of the concert, so it's good to knoe you brought in 2010 with a smile!


Kristin said...

Had a great time at the AL concert for NYE as well. If you can believe it, I stood in the same spot for an hour and a half to have the best premium view ever. I have never enjoyed a concert more. LOL...

Tyler's concert in Minneapolis sold out, 2500 people! Fun all the way around it seems. Happy New Year!

(This is Nikki under disguise of Kristin apparently)

Kristin said...
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Karen Sue said...

This looks like a lot of fun. Did I mention that we were waiting for midnight and decided not to start playing games until after...and I sort of fell asleep alittle..just a little. and then I woke up of course, silly!!

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