Friday, February 6, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: SNL Style

Prepare to be amused. JUST GO TO THIS LINK:

(Seems like every version of this video that I can find has been taken off the internet except this one, so hurry!)  

I had never realized the broad range of Timberlake's talents...

(I's a bit vulgar. I think having three sons has ruined my sensibilities.)



emily said...

hahaha, thank you sue, who needs coffee when you can watch that to start off your day!?

Lisa Loo said...

reason 543 that I love blogland!! I do not usually watch snl but look what I have been missing!! Should I be ashamed that I watched it more than once? I love your sensibilities girl!!

Natalie said...

Now that was funny! I couldn't get it to play, but was determined to watch, so I found it on YouTube.
THANK YOU for sharing a laugh!! :)

Emily said...

Sue, you won the handmade hot pads in the auction for Nie. Thanks for your generous bid! Will you please email me to arrange for payment and delivery? Thank you!

Nikki Nichols said...

Okay that took me long enough to load, but so so so worth it! That was hillarious!!!! I loved it!! I just showed a couple of our friends too!! Did I put enough exclamations to show you that I LOVED IT?!!!!!!!!

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