Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beware of Brain Shrink!

According to an Oxford University study, my brain is shrinking even as I speak (write). Whatever. Why is this phenomenon occurring? Because I'm overweight! If I were a vegetarian as well (the other "at risk" group), I'd probably be drooling all over my computer, which has seemed a little "damp" lately, now that I think about it. 

I'm not kidding here, people. These scientists conducted memory tests, brain scans and physical exams to determine this edifying/horrifying piece of not-so-great news. What's worse, the loss of brain mass in women carrying a few too many extra pounds increases 13 to 16% for every point by which their BMI (body mass index) exceeds 27! Not that I even know what my BMI is, but YIKES!!

As if it weren't enough being semi-unsightly, now I have to worry about losing brain cells, too. This is not good, because I like my brain cells (what's left of 'em, anyway) even better than I liked my pre-pregnancy/menopause body! I like them so well, in fact, that I may just have to give up my latest guacamole and chips craze and get on the fish and veggies bandwagon. Fish is "brain food," right? I mean, connect the dots. It's swimming (sorry, couldn't resist) in vitamin B-12, the very nutrient vegetarians whose brains are on the shrink seem to lack in adequate amounts. 

Anyway, it's certainly something to think about. I might even  have enough brain mass left to ruminate.  =/


Kristin said...

Oh no! I'm thinking about starting South Beach to break some of the terrible habits that I've been getting in when I've been working to hard. And from this article, it looks like I should. More veggies! More smarts!

Heather Anderson said...

I gain weight on purpose so that my intelligence level will be on par with the rest of my family.

Sue said...

Just make sure you eat some meat with those veggies, Kristin! =)

As for Matt (alias Heather), thank you for deigning to lower yourself to our level. Much appreciated!

[ CLASSIXX said...

I still think there are plenty of those brain cells left.

Heather Anderson said...

So, if I am fat now but lose wight I guess I cannot regain the brain cells that were lost:( Does that explain why pregnancy makes me dumber each time?

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