Friday, April 23, 2010

A Mother's Gifts

Happy birthday, Mom. In you,
a mother's love comes shining through.

Your sacrifice and loving care
have blessed my life beyond compare.

I wish I had the words to say
the gratitude I feel today...

for lessons taught and stories read,
for children tucked up into bed...

and Swedish pancakes in the morn,
for sisters and a brother born...

to grace my years with lifelong friends,
reminding me that nothing ends...

(including my own love for you
and every special thing you do).

Of all your gifts, the greatest wealth
was teaching me to love myself.

Thanks for always making me feel important, Mom.
You are so beautiful.

Happy 83rd Birthday and
lots of love from


Heather Anderson said...

Happy BDAY to a WONDERFUL, amazing woman!!!! LOVE YOU TONS!

Amy said...

So sweet! I may have to beg permission to use that for Mother's Day. Of course I would never take credit. No one would ever believe it were mine. I can't rhyme. But I love love love it.

KC Mom said...

What a great tribute for your Mom!! That would make a great e-card!

Momza said...

I bet this made her smile ear to ear.

So sweet!

karen said...

It's my granddaughter Lexi's birthday today too! She's only four, but it's apparent that today is a day for amazing women.
I'll bet she loves your poems - and you! Happy Birthday to her! (and many MANY more!)

Jess said...

Like Amy- would you mind some loaning of your poem, plagiarism free, for a mother's day lesson I'm teaching? And Happy Birthday Sue's Mom! You have a fantastically amazing daughter- so she must have one great mom.

Sue said...

Go right ahead, Jess. Use whatever you like. But I have actual Mother's Day poems on my poetry website (, notably "A Promise for Eternity" and "Just For A Change") and also a pretty nice song Lindy Kerby and I wrote, It's called "Blessed Am I." Some of this stuff might be more helpful. But do feel free to use whatever from this one, and you don't need to give me credit. It's just a little rhyme.

Good luck with your lesson!


Darlene said...

I must say, this has been an amazing day for me. I have received so many beautiful cards and telephone calls. It is really quite overwhelming for me. Your gift to me Sue was in this catagory. I still can't get over it!! And now, this incredible poem that you just call a rhyme, was just too much. I truly broke down and cried hard. It is a remarkable end to a remarkable day. I got to talk to all of my children, which was something in itself. The only problem is that they all called at the same time, except for you. I had quite a time juggling the calls. I actually had to call everyone back at least twice. I would just start to talk to one and another one would call and I would talk to them, then of course would have to call the original caller back etc etc . One call, I got two other ones and when one of them was Jayne, Rich just said "I'll call you back after dinner, you'd better talk to her while you have the chance."

Sue, I love the poem. I am just too emotional to write more.

Thanks too, to all your commenters for their good wishes. I do love reading all their comments and I do often go to their blogs. Honestly, a person could be on the computer for hours just going from one blog to another. You have such good and faithful followers. I love them!!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom!! It was wonderful.

Karen said...

Just loverly! I am behind in my blog reading and commenting. I just ran thru the last few posts - you are great!

I only do the make up for church and 'special' occasions.

I love Crystal too.


Jenny said...

Oh Sue. Please tell your Mother Happy Birthday from me, too!

She sounds like an amazing woman.

And I think you are taking after her!

HUGS to you both!

Cherie said...

That was definately a very sweet birthday post to your Mom! She is lucky to have a wonderful daughter too :D

Hope you mom had a great birthday - Wow 83!

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