Friday, April 2, 2010

The Easter Bunny's Tale

©2010 Susan Noyes Anderson
all rights reserved

I know a great story you may not have heard.
It really did happen. For sure. Every word.

It's all about Easter, which seems pretty right.
Cuz Easter is here. Well, almost, but not quite.

One day, Easter Bunny woke up feeling blue.
His hen friends had quit laying eggs. Yep, it’s true!

Not one single egg for three days. No, not one.
Would his Easter bunny-ing ever get done?

That gathering, dyeing, and hiding job's tough
without any eggs. None just isn't enough!

It's not even close to enough; let's get real.
This Easter egg thing is a pretty big deal.

So Bunny took notes till his brain was quite sore.
He thought thoughts that he’d never thought of before.

Had something gone wrong with the hens? Something bad?
Had someone done something to make them feel sad?

Or maybe their stomachs were feeling quite sick.
He had to find out, and it had to be quick!

He hopped to the henhouse and made his way in.
He straightened his bunny ears, stuck out his chin...

And took a deep breath. There were eggs to be laid…
fresh eggs, yolky stuff of which Easter is made.

(His whiskers were twitching; he’d heard some reports
that hens could be mean when they felt out of sorts.)

The oldest one clucked and looked up from her perch.
We ain’t got no eggs, rabbit! Don’t even search.

You’ve been a good friend to us over the years,
But we’re plum fed up with them pigs and their sneers.

They look down on us cuz we can’t be ham dinners…
like Easter’s a contest, and they’re the big winners.

What’s wrong with egg salad and sweet, deviled eggs?
These swine think that they’re the best thing on four legs.

Hmph. Next thing you know, they'll be stealing our wings!
They treat us like peasants and call themselves kings.

Soon, they're gonna learn Easter's not about ham.
Most humans would be just as happy with lamb...

But Easter eggs can’t be replaced; it's a shame.
Without eggs from us, Easter won't be the same.

No colorful baskets. No Easter egg hunts.
These porkers will find out they're nothing but grunts.

“But what of the children?” the sad bunny cried.
They’ll just have to manage. We hens have our pride,”

sniffed the bird. They can make it through one egg-less year.
We’re striking. That’s it! Chicken power is here!!
Chicken power indeed, thought the hare with a frown.
These henhouse hysterics will not keep me down.

I’ll make eggs of shiny-bright plastic to hide,
with Easter-y colors and candy inside!

These hens need to realize (just like each pig)
that they aren't the reason why Easter is BIG.

Oh, sure, ham is yummy and egg hunts are fun,
But Easter’s a symbol of new life begun.

The birds in their nests and the buds on the trees
remind us of nature and sweet mysteries…

Of birth and of death and of living again
because of our Savior, who died for all men.

He rose on the third day, that first Easter morn,
when death was defeated and hope was reborn.

(This made Bunny smile, just as all bunnies do
whenever they think of things lovely and true.)

I'm telling his tale to remind everyone
that Easter's about something more than just fun.

It’s all about Jesus, as simple as that.

(But I’ll still be wearing my cute Easter hat.)

And you can wear yours, too. How perfect is that?


Happy Easter to Jeremiah, Carli, and Bryce
with lots and lots of love
Grandma Anderson


jen said...

I love the way this tells the story. And the music you have playing is gorgeous. My question: I see this was posted at 1:14 am? Burning a little post-midnight oil?

KC Mom said...

Just how perfect is that? This post in itself with those darling pictures would be the perfect children's book. Is it a book already? It's so sweet. Thank goodness for those plastic eggs...I always wondered where they came from!

Jess said...

You never cease to amaze, and I agree that you should write children's books- I would buy them. Today's poem reminded me of those books by Max Lucado- I love those books

Karen Sue said...

A great story - Thanks for it! I'm lucky to have found such a special lady on a special site, just by chance! Blessings to you this Easter!

Braden said...

Sue, That was wonderful. I'm so glad you posted it. Lovely work. Your grandchildren are so blessed!

karen said...

I'm going to tell Katie and Ronna to read your poem to the kids for Easter - it's perfect! You're a rare talent my friend. And I will stop now before I embarrass you - HAPPY EASTER!!

Karen said...

Great poem! I will have to share at Easter too (with credit of course).

I did still remember about my poem - I just can't decide what special moment I want immortalized by your wonderful talent.

Sue said...

Thanks, Karen. Just let me know when you need the "giveaway prize" poem, and I will be at your beck and call.


PS. No hurry or pressure, either. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I am at the ready...

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh Sue, I loved it!! It was SO fun to read! And I love they way you tied the "fun" part of Easter in with the "true" meaning of Easter!

Darlene said...

Jeremiah, Carli and Bryce are very fortunate to have you for their Grandma. I wonder if they think all Grandmas write neat poems for their Grandchildren, or if they know how lucky they are to have you. I'm sure they appreciate you though, as well they should. You are so much more than just a good story teller to them though. No wonder they love for you to come and visit them.

Em said...

that is so cool!

when i see eggs stacked like that in crates i think of "steel magnolias."

Jocelyn Christensen said...

This is so sweet!~ I love it...and Guy is singing along with this song too!

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