Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Have Winners, Folks!

After putting about a zillion slips with various names on them into a bowl and drawing out three of said names, the results are in! (Drum roll, please.) The winners of the TenderShootZ photography sessions (or one of our Nature Doodles, for those who can't match up with any of Heather's travel dates) are:

1st Place - Amy, winner of the Garden package
2nd Place - Karen of K2Cole, winner of the Flower package
3rd Place - Lisa, winner of the Daisy package

Congratulations to all of you! FYI, Heather will be in Northern California from March 27th to 31st (that might work for Lisa, if she wants to make a little trip), Mesa on April 9th and 10th, and Utah on May 1st. If those don't work for you, check out the rest of her travel dates to see if you and Heather can cross paths. If not, you may choose (instead of the photo session) the Nature Doodle of your choice in any of the following sizes: 3x4, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, or 16 x 20. Just let me know which way you want to go by commenting below.

I want to thank everyone for supporting Heather in her new venture, and I hope you enjoy your prizes!



Lisalulu said...

THANK YOU< I am so excited... I'm out of breath!!! and I'll use it for my new grandson (when he decided to make an appearance the little stinker) in AZ... so April in Mesa is terrific!!!!!

Amy said...

No way!!! That is so awesome. I just had to yell with joy and rush off to tell my hubby... I swear, I am just like a little kid who has to show Mother everything... at any rate, I can't believe I won this and am over the moon excited. I am thinking of a family portrait in May sounds divine! Thank you thank you thank you and one more thank you for the lucky bowl that knew to draw my name!

Heather said...

I am so EXCITED to meet each of you! I can't wait to take pics with all of you :) Thanks for your support! Don't forget to contact me at so we can set up a time for your FREE photo session!

karen said...

While I'm disappointed I didn't win, Heather is close enough to me that I can schedule something when my daughter comes and I'd like to have her be in the picture for a change, instead of always being the photographer! Love your work, Heather!

Heather said...


Next time your daughter is in town let me know I am sure we can work something out :)

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