Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TURNING BLAHS TO HURRAHS, aka What To Do on a Stick Figure Kind of Day

1. Read here to find out what a "stick figure kind of day" is, so you can know if you're having one.

2. Take a shower using either Exotic Coconut or Lemon Verbena.

3. Put on your favorite jeans with your most flattering (purple?) shirt, some silly socks, and crocs.

4. Wear your necklace that says "This Grandma Is Loved a Lot" on it...or a reasonable facsimile thereof. 

5. Put on the "Mom, You Are a Wonder" one, too, for good measure (again, ad lib as necessary).

6. Light a sage and citrus candle, list 5 things you absolutely have to do, (write them on scandalously expensive paper you were saving for a special occasion), and DO them. Check off the ones that get you out of the house first.

7. While in your car or out of it, breathe deeply, lift your chin, and notice every single thing that seems even remotely beautiful. Once home, take a stiff and super-sensuous whiff of jasmine. (Roses will do in a pinch.)

8. Accompany yourself with music, musica, musique (whichever applies). Suggested: Jack Johnson or Brett Dennen...but feel free to improvise.

9. Give yourself a pep talk, out loud. Be sure to throw in a few inappropriate jokes, laugh like the guy floating on the ceiling in Mary Poppins, and use an unidentifiable accent.

10. Dance around your house like a crazy person or walk, in full view of the public, like this

11. Catch your breath and gaze with immense satisfaction at your family photo wall.

or, barring that

12. Create a family photo wall upon which you can gaze with immense satisfaction in just such times as these.

Feeling better? Excellent! Now write a blog about it.



Natalie said...

Jasmine...ahhh, love it, one of my favorite smells.

I love you family photo wall!

Glad you are feeling more hurrahs than blahs today!! :)

Lisa Loo said...

What a delightful time I had today on your post! That clip from Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorites! Thanx for sharing!

emily said...

oh yay! but when do i get to watch the romantic comedy;-) loved every minute of this post

Heather Anderson said...

hope your feeling a lot more Hurrahs :) YOu deserve Hurrahs for all you do. LOVE YA

Nikki Nichols said...

You are amzzing Sue. I am reading this link every time I feel down with my weight, being a mom, living in so much snow, missing my family, whatever! I loved it, talk about ways to lift my spirits.

Nothing like the scent of fresh jasimine to lift your spirits!

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