Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Gift of Peace

I'm an ocean-lover, but Brooke Fraser's beautiful hymn and its accompanying views of the sea would bring peace to anyone. The artistry of this composition profoundly affects me.

That's why I had to share it.

(Be sure to scroll down and "mute" my playlist before you click on the video.)

©1994 by Susan Noyes Anderson, The Lyric

What is this thing that draws me to the sea?
What passion rises with each white-capped swell
to churn upon a watery carousel
and break in frothy secrets, spilling free?
The foaming, reckless water quiets me
in darkly hidden places, guarded well,
probing the inner reaches of a shell
whose pink walls glow with bright intensity.
I love this ocean pounding on the shore,
untamed and unashamed in all its might;
It rolls and crests and dives and rolls some more,
unbound by man and law and grief and fright.
The sea engulfs me, draws my answering roar,
sends waves of darkness crashing into light.

Hope you enjoy my 99th post. If you want to participate in the giveaway, time's a-wastin'!


emily said...

so beautiful

Heather Anderson said...

All Day All Night and High or Tide or Low Tide by Bob Marley and the Wailers. They are both on the Catch a Fire album. These are two lesser known songs guaranteed to float your boat.

Sue said...

Hey, Matt! Why not get a google account of your very own so you don't have to use Heather's? It only takes a second...

(Or at least sign your posts!)


Nikki Nichols said...

I love that song! I thought I was being so good by telling you about the song shadowfeet by her, but guess you are already on top of that. You are too hip!

Natalie said...

Oh so beautiful!

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